Saturday, May 31, 2008

such a difficult thing

They'd told Kal that Bella was just fine and that he didn't need to worry, but he hadn't heard from her in ages. He'd been on the road for the most part.

Of course, the most relaxing thing for him was the fact that he could be making music most of the night. He'd met some fine musicians along the way. And there were people who wanted to listen to them. What more could he ask for?

But this vegan diet was a lot to get use to. The company of course was all supportive of this endeavor of melody. Music was like a religion to them, and he had to say he'd never had a chance to be this devoted to music. Bella wasn't that supportive.

Perhaps that was why he hadn't thought so much about her in the beginning when he left. She complained to much. He'd hoped she would have been a lot stronger. He wasn't sure what he'd expected, but the girl was no pioneer to the nomadic life, and it had taken a toll on him.

He wished he'd never brought her to Texas. He wished he didn't have to think about her, especially with Nadine around.

Now that girl knew her stuff. She could play about any instrument. And she had the beat along with the soul to capture just about any mood. Sometimes, she liked to sing without any music. She said she liked to sing like the women sang long ago while doing the wash while out on the prairie. So when she gave a concert, you never knew what you might get. It was different everytime.

Not only that, but she was stunning with her wild hair, her golden skin and eyes like diamonds, and Kal felt like he was her student. She was a good ten years older than him, but he only felt it in her experience of music, and for the first time, he knew what he wanted. He wanted a little of Nadine's soul.


Cate said...

he wanted a little of nandine's soul... that's a creepy sentence.
by the way i've done the tag!

Winnie said...

Your new photo is lovely! Vegan diets are a nightmare!

ellie said...

yes, I did. I wonder how this Nadine thing will turn out.

Cate said...

...i wonder too. she seems an uncontrollable character.

Sugar Pop said...

oh shit. i forgot to add your link ages ago, and know i'm completely lost. haha, i have to start from a few (ish) posts ago...

thanks for the comment, i hope i do too :|

scarlett_style2 said...
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scarlett_style2 said...

thanks for posting me, i'm glad you loved scarlett's songs. lately she has been critiziced a lot for her voice but for me some of her songs sound better with her broken voice than with a perfect one, you know? though we must admit in some songs you can't really hear her singing but its what she wanted to do and we must respect it! hehe

big kiss, loved your blog ;)

rohit said...


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Anonymous said...


Nadine, hm?... I think Kal doesn't quite know what he wants or what's best for him... but I hope that journey and experience will make him realize who he is. Maybe Nadine would be good for him.

Ok, that was a little too deep, coming from me x)

ray said...

vcool&intresting blog.thanx for ur comment xxx

Blaire said...

HEY CAIT! ITS BLAIRE! srry, i dont know many ppl with a blog, so ellie tagged me so im tagging u! thnx

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's me again!

Could you explain me something about the tag thing? What are the questions I'm supposed to answer?
Thanks, and thank you for tagging me! :D

hayleeey said...

have you tried looking at ebay? for Skins... you could try the UK amazon and check their shipping costs? :S