Monday, June 2, 2008

getting it right

All right, he'd gotten this right. Fish scribbled it all down in a notebook. Unsure if it were a recipe for life or just marking the occasion, there at the kitchen counter in their tiny little place.

"Now, they said small meals. Small, and I don't think that burger and shake are gonna do you any good, Bella." But there she was sucking on the shake and about to take a huge bite from a fat burger. She gave him the look that he better not mess with her.

"You remember what beef does to your blood sugar." She had to be careful. Deep down, he wondered now if maybe an abortion should have been the way to go, but he wouldn't dare say it now. Instead, He came over, took the burger out of her hands, cut it in two pieces, and handed it half of it back to her. "Save some for later."

"Why can't I enjoy it now, not later?" She was getting a tad evil on him with her stare, but she had to stick with the program.

"You want me to get out a reading of the last time you ate at Sonic?" He stared at her until she gave him the milkshake too.

"Not really, its just a number." She shrugged.

"The higher the number the sleepier you get, and the sleepier you get, the more danger it is, for you and the baby, especially if you go into coma." He told her taking a sip of the drink which he knew she despised so he tossed it in the trash.

"What are you? A doctor or something?" She was steamed.

"You were there when they went over all this. And you said you'd do anything other than to take a shot of insulin in your leg or wherever. Remember that? So this is the anything. You gotta stop eating junk." He gave her a dead stare.

"I know that. I will. I am." She looked sad as if she'd been neglected. The fact was she hadn't gained any weight. Really. She was still thin, maybe too thin. "I don't want to go into a coma."

"I know you don't." He held her hand then. "And you won't. You just have to be more careful."

"I hate being careful." She sighed.

"You'll be fine. And all this is just going to make you stronger." Fish tried to be positive. "We just have to think of other ways to occupy the time."

When she kissed him, he knew what she was thinking, but really he wasn't sure that was the way to stay occupied.

He kissed her back softly, thinking kissing was good. But he was picking up signals from her touch and body movements that that just wasn't what she wanted. It was more of something.

"I have to burn calories, you know," she whispered in his ear.

Fish sighed. Never would he think of a pregnant woman as being hot, but this was Bella.


Cate said...

i didn't know you weren't supposed to eat junk food when you're pregnant! but surely if bella is too thin, maybe it would do her some good?

have a nice week, cait!

Siljesfashion said...

Haha, sounds like a pregnant woman to me. My best friend was crazy about the chocolate cake, and I think we all will have our delightful sins. You write very well!

Cady Lola Cep said...

Hah. Bella's just too alluring . . .

Cate said...

okay, i did suspect she was a diabetic, but i didn't know for sure, so i asked to make sure ^^
my dad is a diabetic too, it's just in the genes of our family. so many relatives of mine have diabetes. and i don't mean the type you get when you're old, i mean the type you have since you are a kid.

ellie said...

Poor Bella. That complicates things a little. I guess.

rohit said...


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Anonymous said...

"She gave him the look that he better not mess with her."

Hahaha my friends say I do that a lot xD

I like Fish! He cares :D

Liz said...

Ha, Bella will be Bella. Awesome story, keep writing!!! :)

Riter4ever said...

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