Friday, May 9, 2008

walk this way

Bella wouldn't let herself be mad about what happened with Fish. She was stressed as it was. She barely felt like herself anymore. At least she could talk now.

Fish took her to where he worked at a guitar shop there at the mall. He repaired all sort of stuff when it came to guitars. Sold new ones too. He was sort of an artist when it came to guitars. He loved everything about guitars. It was a quaint little place. Although, Bella wondered if he made much money there. Perhaps it didn't matter because he loved what he did.

He took her to a vintage clothing shop across from the guitar shop and took down the help wanted sign. He had brought help. Of course, it was barely minimum wage, but still it was a job, and she wouldn't have to drive anywhere. She could have as many hours as she needed as well, since it seemed everyone wanted off with summer coming.

Bella was totally in her element. She loved the little store. And she could borrow outfits when ever she wanted. This was so amazing. The only thing that could have possibly made it better would have been able to call her sister to tell her the news. As it was though, she wasn't sure she wanted to leave this place anytime soon.

What was happening to her? Had she found her passion in life? This thrilling pulse pumped through her. She couldn't remember ever being this happy. Of course, she felt awful that she hadn't felt this way when Jane was born. She kept hoping it would happen. The feeling of motherhood would succumb her, but it never did.

Now she was here in this little funky boutique with fuschia curtains and turquoise walls. Beautiful bangles to look over, dresses to adore and a new life that was nothing like her old one.


ellie said...

sounds like a cool place for Bella.

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i want to be an interpreter so i practise my english :p

I luv this stories about Bella life's!

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The Bleeding Rose said...

I think this is my favorite part so far. Keep it up. Peace

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