Tuesday, June 10, 2008

here comes the sun

The morning sunlight burned Gordy's eyes. He didn't remember to put a sheet up over the window. Now the sun was making the whole room glow. He squinted, pushing himself up on his elbows. Looking at the bare room. He never got around to setting the whole bed up. There was just the mattress on the floor and Serena had her back turned away from him.

He sat there startled. He looked under the covers. She was nude. He was nude.

He freaked in his mind, but he didn't move. Why couldn't he remember. He hadn't remembered. Maybe there was a hole in his brain and he was going crazy.

He got out of bed as softly as he could and went to the bathroom. He needed to pee. Then a shower. Some bit of reality might hit him.

How could that have happened, he wondered while under the shower. Gordy barely remembered even talking to her.

Emily had been there with Rosco. Everyone sat on the couch together. Then in couples. Floyd even stretched out on the couch as if he might take a nap. There had been all this discussion about the couch and the chair.

Delia broke out some wine she'd been hiding. Everyone had drinks. It was a fog to him. He knew they left. He knew he was tired. And he'd set on the couch for the longest time with Serena who kept talking. He was trying to follow, but he couldn't quite make out the words. Her lips moved, and he'd stopped them when he kissed her.

He'd kissed her. They'd kissed.

He got out of shower, dried off, kept the towel on around his waist and went to stare at the couch as if they would remind him of something else.

How could he have forgotten something like this? A chill came over him. He'd made love(or just sex) to the girl with one hand and one arm. It had worried him that this would be the one thing to put him off from ever wanting to consider being with her. He thought he might stare at her deformity, or he'd freeze or it would just end badly.

Gordy set down on the couch then. He felt himself melt into tears. And he didn't even know why. Was it so bad that it had happened? He wanted to remember. Yet maybe it was better that he hadn't.

Was it because he was tired? What if it was a seizure? What if he were narcoleptic? Everything was running through his head like a bad commercial.

He looked back to his bedroom and saw Serena standing there in his old gray t-shirt that swallowed her.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"Everything and nothing. I don't know." He kept shaking his head, no. She came over to him then and sat next to him on the couch.

"You're thinking it was a big mistake, don't you?" She looked at him sadly.

He looked down just then at the deformity of her arm. Gordy swallowed back tears. He bit his bottom lip and decided, he'd just touch. He just wasn't sure how to make it not look so obvious. He kissed her then when he touched her arm. It was hot. She was absolutely, hot. This time, he was going to remember everything.


ellie said...

woooooooo....last thing I expected. Its kind of sad.

autumn said...

i like how you wrote it. i can't wait for the next one. woot woot. lol.

Kira Fashion said...

i love this song :)

a kiss!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for checking out my blog. =D Awh, I hate cliff hangers. I'm waiting for more. =D You're a teriffic writer. :)

Hit me back

Aren x

Cate said...

i didn't expect that, either. wow. will you make an "introducing" post about serena too, you know, one to put in the "the cast" column?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I never saw that coming.

It was a good thing, though. Gordy needs a break; he shouldn't care about stuff too much.

Meanwhile, I'm wandering about Bella and Fish :D