Sunday, June 8, 2008

at Gordy's

Gordy was bringing in boxes to his new place. He looked around and didn't see Floyd or Delia, either.

He looked around, again. This was lovely. Just about par for the course. He always had to do everything, alone or so it seemed.

Gordy sighed. He heard something then from the bathroom. The door was closed. Gordy was baffled. Sort of. Maybe it was shock that Floyd would reach an all time low, and with Delia. He was in Gordy's bathroom with Delia. Gordy could only think of one thing they were doing.

"Hey, what is going on in there?" He banged his fist on the bathroom door. It opened. They hadn't even locked the door. Delia was sitting on the commode and Floyd was blowing on her hand. He was putting a band-aid on a cut.

Gordy felt like an idiot now. Maybe he needed a break. Maybe he needed to forget about getting everything set up tonight. His shoulders ached and he was almost in a fog of everything. He kind of wished he could be here alone. Tonight. Just to think, perhaps. But if he thought long enough, he was sure he might go crazy. And it still made him sick to his stomach that his Mom hadn't done a thing for him. She'd smoked cigarettes in the kitchen and ignored the whole moving process.

What if he couldn't make it? What if he couldn't possible carry this class load. It was summer. Things were going to be hectic. Why did he think it was possible to jump into this now? Because there was an opening in the housing and if he didn't take it now, he'd be on a waiting list forever.

He went to get more boxes. It was then he saw Serena standing in the doorway with a wooden picnic basket.

"Hungry?" She'd brought a roasted chicken, a loaf of French bread and cold salads along with pie.

"Yeah, I think I am." She was the last person he expected to see at his new place. He supposed Floyd had something to do with that.

Everyone chilled after they ate.

"Honestly, I could use a nap," Floyd said afterwards.

"Not yet," Gordy yawned. "We haven't even got the beds set up yet."

"Oh, the bed," Floyd yawned back. "That's right. Got to get that done. Now would be a good time, huh?" Floyd smiled at Gordy as they back to the truck to get his bed.

"What are you getting at?" Gordy squinted.

"You know you want it." Floyd nudged.

"No. No I don't." Gordy knew Floyd definitely had sex on the brain, especially the way he looked at Delia. Gordy looked back at the apartment, he could hear Serena laughing with Delia. "What is going on with you and Delia?"

"She likes me, what can I say." Floyd and Gordy heaved the bed out of the truck then.

"Oh really, how long has this been going on?" Gordy walked backwards with the mattress. Floyd walked forward. It was a bit of dance struggling up the stairs with it to Gordy's new place.

"On and off for about a year now." Floyd told him.

"Shit, why didn't you say something?" Gordy would have never asked Delia to help. In fact, he hadn't. She kept insisting.

"Its no big deal." Floyd flopped the mattress down on the floor in Gordy's room.

It flustered Gordy that Floyd thought he obviously made everything a big deal. But then again, he didn't want to be Floyd. Just then he heard Emily from the doorway.

"Do you want your couch and chair now?"

Gordy just sighed. Why did this mix of joy and pain make him feel so out of it? Someone could knock him in the stomach right now, and he was sure he'd hit the floor asleep.


Cate said...

the food serena brought sounds good! ^^

Sugar Pop said...

lol ^^ agreed. i'm quite hungry now.

re: eric and ellie; uhh, no, it aint funny lol i was thoroughly upset. :|

dumb girl. she'd better fix it up. lol kidding

avery said...

the story i wrote didn't really happen, but the first part is true

thanks for commenting!

avery said...

Hey- I like your stories.
And the music in your profile too.

Cep Strikes Destiny said...

Ahh. Floyd and Delia. Interesting.

Keep it coming.

sophia said...

oh, ingrigue! keep writing...i need something to read during the summer :) .

Kira Fashion said...

so great!

a kiss!!!

Livie23 said...

aww. poor gordy. he sounds totally wiped out! <=]

autumn said...

ok, i'm kinda lost. haha. i need to read your post about the characters. lol.

ellie said...

When's Gordy going to have some fun? I like him.

Sydney Speel said...

new site link:

Cate said...

yeah, i agree with ellie: when is gordy going to have some fun?