Wednesday, June 18, 2008

let's go

Crack the whip by the Spinto Band

I'm nervous when im near you as If I am falling in,
In Love with someone else,
And it doesn't really matter if she can't speak all that well,
If she wont talk i dont care,

'Cuz i dont wanna break your heart,
Don't wanna let you go,
Im in love so whenever we're apart But that dont mean I wont want more so,

Give me a chance, I promise i will come back,
Honey, this is a bitch I just have to scratch,
All things considered, I'm not much of a sinner,
But something tells me that I am missing out,

Something about looking at you makes me want to blink like I'm scared of a man this big,
but old jokes are just that, old,
I guess, what should I expect,
What trite line will you give me next,

But i dont wanna break your heart,
Don't wanna let you down,
I'm in love with you so hear me out,
all I want is to look around,

Im nervous when im near you,
oh I've such a mind for this,
Cause it's a finite number of times before I catch the drift.,

But I dont wanna break youer heart,
Just wanna get you back,
Im in love with you so hear me out,
How I just want to be your man,

Give me a chance, I promise i will come back,
Honey, this is a bitch I just have to scratch,
All things considered, im not much of a sinner,
But something tells me that I am missing out

Floyd told him to play the chord. It had been forever since Rosco had even picked up his guitar. This was just silly, he thought. Floyd had been after him ever since they'd talked at Gordy's.

"Gordo plays less than I do." Rosco shook his head, no. "No way will we be able to play at open band night."

"Where did you come up with that? Gordo." Floyd stared at him.

"Emily." Rosco rolled his eyes. He didn't really want to think about her now.

"Did you break up with her?" Floyd sat there in Gordy's basement setting up his guitar.

"No." Rosco swung his pick at the guitar then. "Her parents don't want me seeing her."

"That is fucking wrong, you know that." Floyd told him. "You take her to the emergency room cause you think she's sucidal and this is the thanks you get?"

"Aw, she's taking all these tests. They think she's bipolar." Rosco was pretty sure he needed a break from Emily. If he had enough sense, he'd just stay away from her.

"Man, that's a bitch." Floyd grabbed a beer from the fridge then. "And you still moved in. Bitch'n."

"Well, you can't come over all the time. I gotta sleep, dude." Rosco played a bit from a song he used to play with his brother. He remembered it. He smiled. Wondering if his brother ever thought of him, anymore. He couldn't remember the last time they talked.

"You know you like it when I bring you beer." Floyd grinned.

"About that, you drink all of it."

Finally, Gordy got there with his electric guitar. He took an empty spot where the TV used to be and set up.

"Guys, I can only stick around for an hour. That's all I got in me." He looked at Rosco who just nodded.

"You know what we forgot." Floyd looked lost for a moment. "Drums. Wasn't somebody gonna play drums?"

"Just shut up, Floyd," Gordy said. "Lets just practice."


autumn said...

cool. this is getting more exciting. lol.

Cait said...

Thanks..whats freaky, half the time my posts aren't showing up today. Not sure why that's going on.

autumn said...

you're welcome. i guess, that's blogger problem. o_0

Cady Lola Cep said...

Band practice. Bipolar Emily. Beer drinking Floyd.


This is interesting. I wonder what's going to happen with Emily and Rosco. Keep writing.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting. I wonder what happens to Emily. This is getting intense. Write more.

Kira Fashion said...

really cool!

a kiss!

Cait said...

Its been a bad day for this post. The song will stop and start. I can't get my post thing to work on this computer..but I can see it on a different computer. Doubt if tomorrow will be much better.

Although, I feel I might should have written more. But mostly, I wanted to get across was the fact that Emily's parents don't want Rosco around. I just thought that would be the irony of how things work when it comes to things like this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment! :) Oh don't worry, I didn't know that Madonna was born in 1958. Kisses! :)

Cate said...

i was bipolar too (for two years, it had started four years ago and stopped two years ago - thank god) and i know how hard it is to be around these people. frankly i don't know how my friends bore me. on one hand, it's better for rosco to stay away from emily, but on the other hand, it's better for emily if rosco sticks around. i guess he just has to be more self-confident and guide her more, because emily doesn't know what she's doing half the time.

Sydney Speel said...

i'm attepmting to master the art of practicing the guitar, much less play songs!

Cait said...

Thanks for sharing that information with me Cate. I'm glad you're better. Recently, I had a friend who just graduated from high school with this problem. Its been a slow process, but I think she's better.

Ivy said...

just like that huh? Rosco & Emily are finished? say it ain't so?