Friday, June 20, 2008

whats up

Bella woke up in the middle of the night. She remembered a cell phone number. But who's was it?

It was driving her nuts. And she was hungry.

She got up and got some cornflakes. No sugar. Just skim milk on cornflakes.

She wrote down the number as she remembered it. If she had any sense she'd run to the pay phone and call right now, but she was tired. She didn't want to wake anyone.

Never in her life had she gone this long without a phone. She'd always been in contact with someone. Either a boyfriend or her sister. Really, she could count how many girlfriends she ever had on one hand. She just wasn't the type to have a lot of girlfriends.

But now she wished she had girlfriends. She wished she had Emily to talk too. Honestly, she was her best friend. Although, she knew she'd treated her like trash for the most part. She never encouraged her. She never really was there for her. Bella didn't even know if there was anyone special in Emily's life.

It was a sad feeling to have now. Wondering if her sister would ever fall in love, ever be anything. What if she never knew?

A shiver ran through her. It gave her goosebumps. Bella couldn't take another bite of cornflakes. Tears streamed down her face. What was she doing here? She had to go home.

But this was dream job at the vintage store. People liked her there. The owner actually loved her. She'd never thought anything like this would happen. And why had she become so fragile?

She felt more of a flutter then from her stomach. Bella held her breath and then thought she might not give the baby enough oxygen. What an idiot? She took deep breath. Waited. Would it happen, again.

It was a fierce kick then. It would be. Her stomach had started to grow and it was all baby. She dumped her cereal bowl in the sink, went back to the futon where Fish was still snoring. She shook Fish from his sleep.

"Its happening," she told him.

"What? What's happening." He yawned.

"Feel it." Her eyes were wide open. She put his hand on her stomach. "Can you feel it?"


"Just wait. Talk. yeah, talk to the stomach," she told him.

"I don't know," he sighed. "All right." He cupped his hands and talked to her stomach, "Hey, what's up." Her stomach jiggled then.


autumn said...

aw. i feel sorry for her. why does she feel like she's all alone? i wonder what Fish reaction is. cute. lol.

ellie said...

That was sweet. Wonder who's phone number she remembered?

autumn said...

i see. thanks for the explanation. i will try to read your previous posts so i won't get lost. =]

Cate said...

wow, that's pregnancy (i'm kinda obsessed with pregnancy at the moment - if i didn't know better i'd think i was pregnant ^^). hormones. i wonder too whose phone number it was she remembered. kinda weird, a phone number just coming to your mind in the middle of the night... i hope fish will be a good father.

Cady Lola Cep said...

Sounds like the baby's going to have a lot of spunk =]

Sugar Pop said...

"hey, what's up" haha, very cool.
i hate milk, but if i have to drink it, it's skim, random :P

Siljesfashion said...

So sad, hope she gets somebody to talk to eventually:-
Goody that the baby kicked, love your writing!

Cate said...

...but i guess fish will be a good father, especially because i think he doesn't think too much about how to be a good father.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't come here in a while... I've already catch up with the story. :)

This was so sweet!

Vixxie said...

Wow, this is really cool! I have to blogroll this so I can keep up with the story! I hope that Bella, Fish and the baby are all allright!
I loved the ending too!
Thanks for swinging by my blog earlier! It's nice that you commented and I'm glad I came here!
Cuddles and cookies,

Anonymous said...

I wonder whoes number that was.

And awh, that's a documental moment, about the baby kicking and all.

This is getting really good.

I'm defiantly tuned in.

Reggie said...

i just want to give bella a huge hug!!!! this poor girl honestly doesnt know what she wants...

and i secretly want her and gordy to get back together...but i know thatll never happen lol


another ellie said...

awww..thats really sweet what reggie said. I hope that too. Actually.