Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I got tagged by ellie. Thanks.
Here are my top 7 for this award of creativity!
1. gravel roads - cool cast & story.
2. vixxie - funny lass.
3. reggie - so thoughtful. 4. taffy - her adventurous life 5. kira - so style 6. ivyoaks - fun fiction. 7. another ellie - cool story.
Don't forget to tell them why. Share the love.


Kira Fashion said...

congratulations you and all your friends!!

a kiss

Molly :] said...

congrats! your blog does deserve it :)

Reggie said...

OMG!!!!! You like me, you really really like me!!!!!!

lol sorry this excites me!!!

you're an ah-mazing blogger to girly! i love you're story!!!


p.s. thanks again

Anonymous said...

congrats to everyone love the story so far btw i am kinda missing some parts so i guess i need to back track. oh also are your characters like celebrities or just like people you looked up?

another.ellie said...

uber thanks!

ivy said...

Thanks so much. I really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

oh i meant by who inspired you to do the characters and in one of my stories scott foster is in too:) i thought he looked familiar well i was just wondering who the people were in real life

Anonymous said...

wait which movie paranoid park or into the wild?