Monday, July 14, 2008

cold times

Gordy got the stare down when he showed up at Bella's parents. He wasn't so sure if bringing Serena was a good idea, after all. But when she asked to go, he couldn't say no. She really was handy, no pun intended, when it came to taking Jane places.

She could sooth her instantly by the tone of her voice. Jane loved her and their babble was actually turning into talk. He was amazed. It made him adore Serena more. And Serena always smelled of apple pie. He wasn't sure what she did, but the scent made him smile, and he wouldn't stop grinning when she was around.

Why did he feel so horrible now?

"I wasn't coming by for presents or anything, you know." He was apologizing. "I wanted to let you know I heard from Bella, and I think she wants you to call her." He'd written the number down from his cell and handed it to Bella's mother. "I think you should call her. She just didn't sound like herself. I hope she's all right, but she called during Jane's birthday party and, and I really didn't get to talk to her all that long. I know I should have called her back. I just never got around too it." Gordy wanted to shut up, but he couldn't. "I hope you can get a hold of her."

Her mother took the phone number as if he were a salesman, and he needed to go.

"How's Emily?" He asked, but about that time, he saw her spying on him from the stairway. "Hey, how are you?" He waved.

It was awful quiet then. Jane was hanging on to him as if she wanted to go.

"I'm surprised Bella called," Her mother then said rather coldly. "We haven't heard from her in weeks."

"She lost her phone." Gordy nodded.

"A likely story." Her dull voice made Gordy grip Jane more. He definitely didn't want Jane coming around more.

"How have you been?" Gordy stood there feeling more and more unwelcomed.

"You don't want to know." Her mother's face was grim. "I'm sorry I didn't make it to Jane's party. We've had our hands full with Emily. Now Harold has moved out." She pressed her lips together.

"I'm sorry." Gordy offered. "Maybe its-" He didn't know what to say about Bella and Emily's father.

He looked back at Emily who gave him a solemn look. She went back upstairs.

"Should I go and talk to Emily?" Gordy kept staring at the stairway.

"No, don't." Her Mom said. "She isn't talking to any of us."


ellie said...

I feel kind of bad for Bella & Emily's Mom.

Kyla said...

what is up with him leaving?! this should be interesting!

Serena sounds like she's great with Jane, its great that gordy finally has some help!

Cady Lola Cep said...

Oh man. I like how this just keeps getting better and worse all at the same time.


Liz said...

Aw, this is so sad... I hope Bella's mom calls though.

Keep it up! :]

Anonymous said...

Aw... I'll miss this story!

Auf Wiedersehen!

I'll be back on the 23th.
I bet your story will keep getting better and better! :D

Sugar Pop said...

I'm so sorry for not commenting in a while!! That said, I'm totally lost, but nonetheless, this piece was really well written. Typical teen stuff, but it's great and it's always a joy to read :)

autumn said...

a perplexing scene. i can even feel the chill with the way Bella and Emily's mother talks to Gordy even the way Emily looks at him. o_O

about my post, i never heard about that movie until you mentioned it. but thanks for sharing. ^^

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Keep writing :) It's very cool what you write.

Simon & Josh said...

wow..poor Gordy. I don't know how I would have handled it.

ellie said...

You've been tagged! You've on an award...for your characters. Especially, Emily.

Anonymous said...

this should be very interesting......