Friday, July 4, 2008

a place

How did she do that? Rosco was looking at his neck the next morning in the bathroom. He stared at the purple spot on the side of his neck. Had Carrie given him a hickey, and he didn't even know it? It freaked him out a little.

He didn't know what Gordy's mother might think if she saw it. He promised he'd paint the basement today in the color she wanted. Something, the color of merky blue.

Rosco couldn't smile about the hickey. He just stared at it. Of course, he had no idea what Carrie's lips actually felt like on his own. Maybe he'd never know. He should have been playing something on his guitar instead of staring at the hickey in the mirror. Where was his life going?

Emily had certainly bounced back. She'd found the jackpot. Evidently. Changed her name to Crystal. Next he'd find out she'd won Next Top Model- the scene edition. It was starting to sink in that this was really over. And she hadn't had to come clean about anything.

His teeth clinched. He never had a chance to even put his mother's engagement ring back in her jewelry box. It was still in his jeans pocket. He carried the ring with him in his change. Funny thing, nothing was going to change, was it?

He turned off the bathroom light and stood there in the dark for the longest time. Just to be still. He didn't know when it happened. He loathed Emily. He never wanted to lay eyes on her, again.

In the silence he went to get the paint. In a dull mode he washed away the idea to ever think of this place as his and Emily's. It was just a basement. A dingy old basement that needed a lot of work. But if he thought of this place for someone else. Some one who needed a place to go to get away from it all, then he could do this. He knew it wasn't his place. It would never be just his place.


Cate said...

so...emily is definitely over and done with? poor rosco, having been left like this, without a word. but now i'm all the more curious about what emily will be up to next. but carrie...i'm not sure. she seems so overwhelming.
and thanks about your advice...the problem if i should buy it or not has solved itself - when i went to h&m yesterday, they didn't have the skirt at all anymore and they didn't have the blouse in my size anymore..

just Ivy said...

poor Rosco. I do like him so. & I had been on Emily's side all this time until now.

Cady Lola Cep said...

How sad.

If she hadn't taken all that Benadryl, they would be married right now.

Liz said...

Aww, poor Roscoe, is this really the end of him&Em? It's just so sad...

One Eighteen said...

I love blogs that people create out of boredom. They're some of the most fun to read cuz they are so random lol Good shit


One Eighteen said...

yea i try to keep a blog thats all over the place. and you KNOW ima keep doin my thing.


rohit said...



autumn said...

whatever could change Emily back, i hope she would still change. poor Rosco. =[