Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just his luck

After managing through the short set, Rosco thought he might throw up. He hadn't remembered how stage fright got to him. It all made him want to crap his pants because he didn't have an inkling what he was doing.

"It was great!" Carrie kept screaming. "You were great!" She wanted him to go to a party with her. He didn't want too, but she dragged him along, anyway.

"Come on, it'll be good for you." After all, he'd got a little cash tonight. And it felt good to have a little extra cash on him.

He was reluctant to go, but it was in one of the lofts in the old market area. It was nicer than he expected. And of course, Emily was there. Which was the most awkward thing about the ordeal. The guy owned the loft that she was with. He and his brother owned an independent record lavel, Hostile Bridges. He supposed Emily was moving up these days.

"You know him?" Rosco winced.

"I never slept with him." Carrie told him.

"Good to know."

"You think I sleep with a lot of people, don't you?" She was too the point.

"I hadn't really thought about it." He shook his head, no. There she was sitting in his lap as if she was afraid to be here alone.

"Why not? Don't you care?"

A chill of laughter ran through Rosco. His heart ached for someone who didn't even acknowledge he was there.

"Of course, I do." He thought he might puke. Thinking, all he really was was someone who put prices on macaroni and cheese with a price gun. He was way out of his league.

"I don't fall in love easy," she told him. "So I don't sleep with anyone."

"I see."

"But I would sleep with you."

"Uh." She made him sad to tell him so.

"If you were older. You're young." She giggled in his ear then. "Just seventeen. Right? I'm twenty-one. Could I get in trouble, sleeping with you?"

"We're not going to find out." He left it at that wondering if they could somehow get out of this party that kept filling up with people.

"Right? We did sleep together." Carrie smiled.

"Yeah, that's right, but it wasn't-"

"I was too tired. You were sad." She reminded him. She had her arm around his neck, and she was starting to feel heavy. He felt the moisture of her breath on his neck then. Just his luck, she would go to sleep on him.


Cady Lola Cep said...

Wow. I love Emily's insanity. It's amazing.

Stage fright . . . I can't really sympathize. I've never had that.

ellie said...

That she going to be good for Rosco or not?

Anonymous said...

I think Carrie should go easy on Rosco. But they seem so sweet together!

I agree with Greece, now more than ever. Greece is like... WOW.
Let's hope my dad and my stepmother reach to the same decision :D

toto said...

Wow ive only read the last couple of posts, but i'm really impressed!
i'm gonna read back further so i can get the gist of what's happening :)

UmassSlytherin said...

Well done. Wow, you guys sure update alot, keeping the fans happy! Right on...

ps I linked you on my blog, cait.
you're now a Slytherin Prefect. It is quite an honor...

Cate said...

carrie..she's a bit overwhelming. i'm not so sure if rosco WANTS to sleep with her. and what with emily? she really seems to be moving up. and i'm surprised the concert went so well with rosco playing even if, at first, he didn't really know what he was supposed to be playing! i get a little stage fright at times, but when i'm actually on stage, it passes away, i only have stage fright before and after (!) performances, i get really giddy then.
about the h&m things i had been trying on: do you think i should buy them?

Liz said...

Yeah, he is. :]
But I feel so bad for him, Emily doesn't even acknowledge him...
-sigh- so sad.

ellie said...

I try to look at this as what Carrie thinks of him. He might not have been that great, but she might not even of cared. Just that he was there to help out. And some of those open mic nights, anything goes.

Emily is just being cruel.

Molly :] said...

in my opinion carries too much for dear rosco. im dying for someone wholesome to come and sweep him off his feet...
i do love your posts. its like a drama series, only in writing, not on screen :)

just Ivy said...

I hope Rosco isn't going to get too depressed over this Emily thing.

toto said...

ahh! Ollie sykes' brother!
i just googled him lol
Yea i like that image for rosco, like cool and cute at the same time.
ive really quite got into this story now :)

autumn said...

i feel bad for Rosco and Emily. i feel like i wanted to cry, too, just like what i felt for Ellie and Eric. lol. but really, what's going to happen between them? Rosco and Emily? Rosco and Carrie? can't say yet if i like Carrie. *grins*