Monday, July 28, 2008

tears and other fears

It was like a blast from the past when Bella got her package from Gordy. Fish could hardly take it. He didn't want to say he was jealous. When she found the framed picture Gordy had sent to her of Jane, Fish just knew it would be a matter of time before she'd be packing her things up and leaving.

Yes, she got all weepy on him. Going on and on about how much Jane had grown, and how much she wished she'd been there for her daughter.

"It just makes my boobs hurt so much just thinking about it." She cried on his shoulder for at least half an hour and all he could do was stroke her back and tell her it would be all right.

"I don't think it will be. It won't. It'll never be all right." She was certain of it. There was no way to change her mind, and naturally she called Gordy immediately when she got to the phone just to let him know that she'd gotten the package.

Of course, he didn't talk to her long.

"He says I have more important phone calls to make instead of to him," Bella sniffed and burst into more tears. "Can you believe that?"

She called her mother immediately, but only got her voice mail.

Fish was almost in tears too. She really did want to talk to her mother.

"Well, try Emily, " Fish felt like he was now her cheerleader. She had to get ahold of someone other than Gordy.

"What if she doesn't want to talk to me?" Bella kept crying. It was at that point Fish knew Bella was still a child herself. A child that might not ever completely grow up.

"She will. She's your sister." But Fish hadn't a clue who Emily was. Bella didn't mention her that much other than Emily would wear any of her old clothes.

Then she was on the phone with her sister for a bit. It wasn't a long conversation, but at least she got through.


"So, she hates me," Bella was making herself sick with so many tears that she had to go to the bathroom and throw up. It gave Fish a cold chill. What if all this emotional stuff sent her to the hospital about the baby?

"Are you sure?"

"She didn't sound like herself. She was very, very mysterious, like she didn't have time for me at all. I don't know what's happen to her."

"Its not your fault." Fish rubbed her back once he got her settled on the futon, he kept pushing her dark thick bangs away from her face. "She'll probably call back in a day or two. She might be upset right now, but she'll call back. I bet she will."

But his words were only words to Bella who cried into his shoulder. By the time it was over, he had to get in the shower and put on dry clothes. When he went back to the futon, he was pretty sure it was all going to start over again. The crying.


simon n ' josh said...

Poor Fish. I feel happy and sad for Bella, though.

Samu said...

yeah, poor fish... and poor bella too... even her sister do not help her...


ellie said...

so emotional. poor fish.

autumn said...

i experienced that. that crying. sigh. poor bella. at least fish is understanding. =[

Cady Lola Cep said...


This is so crazy. I love it.

Thanks for reading.

Karine said...

Who's Gordy?
And Fish?

Please explain your story because I REALLy want to get it!


Oh..I started my story already!
Please read it!


UmassSlytherin said...

awww! so sad! :(
poor fish! :(

great update! :)

Adiel said...

Interesting story.

Also, thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope to see you visit again soon.

taffy. said...

I like the new banner!
I hope Fish doesn't give up.
And "crystal" or whatever needs to get her ass in gear.

Dapper Kid said...

Awww I feel sorry for Fish :(

Karine said...

It's portuguese and english!
Here in Brazil we don't speak spanish.


Thanks for your comment!


Sydney Speel said...

aww fish!

and bella!

Liz said...

Awww, poor Bella and Fish, so sad... =[

I really doubt that they'll give Talon a break. It's just too much fun for them, haha.

I've been wondering for a while now, where do you get the pictures for the people?

victoria said...

i know you're jealous of not playing chess. :) haha. just kidding. it was actually kind of fun. believe it or not. huh.