Saturday, July 26, 2008

what I really really want

Rosco nursed his bottom lip. It felt like a melt down to him as he stared at the new cell phone number of Kal's. He knew what to do, but he found it hard to make the call to Gordy.

"What is it?" Carrie was still in her all nurturing state, wanting to give him a hug when all Rosco felt were her clingy hands.

"Stop, you wouldn't understand, " Rosco pushed her away. He got to his feet. Suddenly he had to be away from her. He felt stifled. "I don't know why you even care! Why do you even want to be here?"

"Because you need me." She shrugged.

"I don't. I really don't need this right now. Not from you. Not from anyone." He fretted back to her while trying to get to Gordy's phone number just to find out Bella's new phone number.

"All right, but I'm here for you. I'll always be here for you." She fluffed a black pillow on her plush pink couch and walked away to her room.

Rosco just rolled his eyes as the phone rang through to Gordy. He didn't want to fall for her. He just couldn't. Not now.

"Hey," Rosco said.

"Hey, you." Gordy said back. Rosco felt awkward as hell now trying to sound smooth when he knew there was no way he could.

"What's Bella's new phone number?"

"Now you have a thing for Bella?" Rosco supposed Gordy was teasing, but it made Rosco a bit shaky.

"No, no, I just thought I should tell her about Emily in case she wants to know everything. I'm sure Emily won't tell her, you know, everything." Rosco didn't want to lie, but then he wanted Kal to get a real wake up call from Bella. He hoped she'd finish him.

"I see."


"Of course."

"OK, the deal is, Kal called me and he sounded kind of shitty about this whole Bella thing, and now he wants to talk to her so I said I'd try to get her number. Really, though, I want to tell her the Emily thing too. You know."

"I get it." Gordy didn't sound mad about giving out Bella's phone number.

"I know she won't take him back. She wouldn't. Right?"

"I don't even care, Ros, I honestly don't give a shit, anymore. So don't worry about it. All right."

"Sure," Rosco kept an even lip then. Maybe he really would call Bella first. Yeah, thats what he'd do.


simon n' josh said...

No love there between Carrie & Rosco I see. I almost feel sorry for her.

ellie said...

I had no idea that Rosco would go through with it for his brother. But maybe he's thinking of Bella only she might not realise it.

I like it.

Keep writing.

Jenny H. said...

thanks so much for the cute comments on my blog.

reallyy appreciated :)

victoria said...

wow, i didnt know rosco would actually get bella's number for kal. keep writing!

autumn said...

i don't like Rosco to fall inlove with Carrie. hmf. lol. what could happen between Bella and Gordy. sigh.

taffy. said...

god cait!