Sunday, August 10, 2008

and so it goes

"I think we need to figure out what to do?" Kal looked at Bella hoping for an answer as she sat there on Fish's futon. He went to sit next to her. She scooted away, holding her belly as if he had no right to touch.

"How did you know?"

"I got the news from Rosco, and he kept begging me to come, but I - I didn't know what to think. Wondering how much you hated me, and how we left things," Kal said. "I was scared."

"You bastard." She gritted. "I don't need you. I don't know why you even bothered."

"If you'd just let me help, I'm sure it would all work out," he sighed, closing his eyes gently as if he had to pray. "I know you love me. I still love you."

"You love you." She reminded him, looking away.

"Please, we need to do the right thing." He touched her hand, then her fingers. They intertwined. She could not let go.

"I hate you, I really do," Bella whispered.

"I hate myself too, so all is fair, isn't it?" He whispered in her ear. She slightly flinched, and when his other hand came around her and touched her belly the baby kicked.

Bella had no idea if that was a good sign or not.


simon n josh said...

Good one B.

Aw, but its a hard talk, you know.

ellie said...

So intense.,,can't wait for more

victoria said...

keep writing it's getting really good!

UmassSlytherin said...

Oh, Bella!!! The baby kicking, so sweet!! I love Bella so much, she is one of a kind. I hope things work out for her. :) Great update!

blue hearts said...

Oh B, get your man. Kicking him in the shins if you have too.

taffy. said...

oh god, fish or kal?

autumn said...

oh i like this. Kal is too fast. =]

Sydney Speel said...

oh i love it!