Monday, August 11, 2008

doubts and other schemes

Gordy got his grades in the mail. He was estatic. This was the best summer ever. He'd made an A in the two courses he'd taken. He wished he could have taken more, but with Jane and part-tim afternoons at the University med center in the record department only gave him so much time to study. And of course, romance.

He kept telling Serena they needed a getaway every weekend. But it hadn't happened yet.

"We have to celebrate! We must!" Only he wanted to be alone with her. Was that too much to ask.

"Then we should ask your mother." Serena suggested. "It would only be for a weekend."

"Yeah, I know." They were talking at his place and they were in the kitchen where she was making cupcakes. It was a delicate proceedure, but she was nifty, icing every chocolate cupcake with white icing.

"You'd rather not then?"

"Jane makes me nervous with her. My mom just isn't that much of the grandmotherly type," Gordy had decided. "What about Rosco? You think he and Carrie could do it?"

"She's kid friendly enough."

"I'd say Emily, but she's still not coming around much," Gordy said. "I think she's better. She looks like herself. Sort of."

"Well, call them?"

She guessed she was right. It wasn't going to happen without asking.

He smiled then, teasing as he punched in Rosco's number, "Then we can get married and go on a real honeymoon."

"Yeah, like that would happen," he thought he heard Serena say. It was like a stab in his heart. Did she really doubt that he was serious about her?


jules said...

Good thing for Gordy. :) *** exciting. :)

Cady Lola Cep said...

Interesting, Serena. Wonder how everything works out now.

ellie said...

gordy, whatcha gonna do?

blue hearts said...

Man, I feel sad for Serena

taffy. said...

aww, gordy's so sweet.
and emily IS getting back to normal :)

poor serena...

UmassSlytherin said...

yay gordy! I really like him. He is hot. :)

I want more Bella! Poor Bella, I love her! :) She is my favorite, I think!

Anonymous said...

andrew is great but both girls are just troubled at the moment who knows what will happen maybe someone else will come in the picture...maybe...maybe not you never know

Liz said...

I like this one, hopefully Gordy and Serena will have lots of fun. :]

autumn said...

can't blame serena if she still got doubts. but hopefully, it'll be gone. i still like bella though. =]