Friday, August 15, 2008

back home

There was nothing Kal could say to change Bella's mind. She didn't want him near her. He left for his house up the street. He never looked back. He didn't want too.

Rosco was waiting for him to unload his duffel bag of dirty clothes in the laundry room.

"Man, this sucks," Kal just said starting a load of clothes. "You move out?

"Why?" Rosco caught himself laughing. "You'll have Mom all to yourself."

"Ain't that grand." Kal gave him a punch in the arm. Rosco flicked him back. It was a good time for a throw down. If nothing else, it relieved the stress.

"So nothing, huh?" Rosco asked about five minutes later when he was on the livingroom floor with his lanky brother, Kal.

"Naw." He shrugged. "I don't really give a fuck, anyway."

"Yes, you do." Rosco gave Kal a stare down. "You need a shave. A haircut too. Maybe if I call Emily, she'd come up and she'd do it."

"Yeah, right."

"Well, if I gave her some cash she'd do it." Rosco nodded.

"I don't know."

"She's good." Rosco didn't wait for another comeback. He got on his cell.

"Hey, you wanna make some money?" He said.

Kal just stared at his kid brother. He'd always be his kid brother. It was a short conversation.

"Yeah, she'll come up." Rosco shrugged.

"Sweet." Kal shook his head, no. "B's sister giving me a haircut. Who would have thunk it?"


UmassSlytherin said...

Great update, I love hearing the boys talk !!!!
Very well-written conversations. Well done!!

Karine said...

I LOVE your story!


Thanks for your comment!


lonnie love said...

what can you do with kal?

autumn said...

Rosco came back home. felt happy about it. ^^

taffy. said...

haha, oh god.

plus i'm excited for emily again!

(she's def. my favourite character)