Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rosco's house

Rosco thought he'd asked too much when he saw her standing there on the porch. He let Kal show Emily in.

He kept hugging himself, thinking he might catch the flu if he was near her. Rosco wondered now why he'd called her.

She heard her laughter in the hall way. It sent goosebumps up his spine. This was not good. He noticed his lips were raw then and wondered if he had any chapstick. Not that he'd need any. He wouldn't. They were barely speaking to each other as it was.

It was a gradual thing. But they'd manage to speak in passing. Only they didn't pass in each others circle. He was with Carrie, mostly. And when she'd see them together, she'd wave. At least be pleasant. Perhaps Emily's smile was forced.

It pained him now to think about it. He pulled out a couple of twenties then and left them on the kitchen table. He went out on the back screened in porch and looked at his mother's finches in their cages.

His lips burned. His eyes stung. God, what had he done? This was the last place he needed to be.

He wanted her talk to him. Couldn't Emily at least talk to him after all this time?


UmassSlytherin said...

poor rosco!!!! :(
more please!!!

Liz said...

Poor, poor Rosco. :[

autumn said...

what's gonna happen. don't let this pass. please. lol.

victoria said...

awh poor rosco :(
keep writing!

simon n josh said...

I do feel bad for Rosco.

taffy. said...

aww... rosco.
this makes me sad.