Friday, August 1, 2008

the bed

Rosco resisted as long as he could. But the fact remained, he hated that sleeping bag. Camping in the basement wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Speaking of cracks, he thought he was definitely too young to have one in his back, and he would if he kept this up.

"God, where did you get this bed, anyway?" He was sure Carrie had to have stolen it from somewhere. It was huge. Of course, he didn't want to hear just how many people who had slept in this bed. Possibly, they weren't ever sleeping in it, exactly. Well, not the kind of sleep he wanted. He just wanted a decent's night rest. When was the the last time that had happen?

Emily talked in her sleep. Sometimes, she'd get wild in a dream and kick, scream and once she'd jabbed him in the head with her elbow. It was never really simple with Emily. Not even sleep.

"It was my mother's." Carrie told him.

"Will she want it back?" He squinted.

"No, she got a new one. She goes through beds like crazy." Carrie kept her arms crossed as if she wasn't going to dare make this about sex.

"That must be nice."

"She's good at spending money." Carrie didn't want to talk about her mother.


"If I were a boy she might love me, but since I'm not, she puts up with me. And she had no use for the bed so I got it. End of story." She was on the other side of the bed then, looking away.

"All right, I'm sorry I asked."

She then looked back at him.

"So what are the rules then?"

"I don't know," Rosco shrugged. "You stay on your side and I'll stay on mine."

"Fine," she kept her arms hugging herself in her long pink night shirt. "No touching."


"But thats my side." She pointed to the corner where he stood.

So they exchanged sides then. Lights went out. They crawled in. It was dark. Much darker than Rosco thought. The bed was so large, he hardly even noticed she was there.

It was quiet.

"No talking, too?" He asked.


"No, we can talk. We should talk." He was fine with that.

"Do you hate me?" She sounded sad.

"No, I don't hate you," he sighed. "Its just when I start thinking about you, I get this peculiar pain in my chest like my heart might slice open, and it get this chill that won't go away. I know that sounds stupid. And I know its not really about you. And I'm sorry. Do you understand that?"

"At least you're sorry." She turned back away from him then.

His cell rang then in his jeans that were on the floor by the bed. He reached down to answer it. Bella called him before he got a chance too.


simon n josh said...

Very interesting about the bed. This should be good.

Cady Lola Cep said...

I like this part. Can't wait for the next one. said...

I'm wondering how long these rules will last.

Kira Fashion said...

he is right, camping is not easy or comfortable...but it could be fun sometimes...

a kiss!!!

Karine said...

Oh..Dangerous area.
The bed.


I liked this post A LOT!
And I can imagine the scene too.

*I wrote new stuff*


Taylor-Tot said...

haha thanx, is thats part of a book? if so its really good, if not i'm way confused but if it is then i need 2 go back and read the beggining

Cara said...

I really enjoy following this and it makes my day a little brighter when I am able to see a new update..keep it up!

Liz said...

Poor Rosco, when will he be happy? =[

Thanks, it took me forever to learn how to link though, lol.

Jules said...

love it! :) Can't wait for the next episode :) Have a great weekend!


autumn said...

i don't want them talking. sound like i really don't like carrie. hahaha. ooops, sorry. i got carried away again. but really, this is getting more interesting. ^^