Saturday, August 2, 2008

what about Emily

"I'm sorry, its late, I should have waited," Bella started. She needed sleep, but she needed to know more about Emily. "Can you talk?" She asked Rosco into her cell as she wiped down the counter in the kitchen while Fish was asleep.

"What's really going on?" Bella asked.

"I don't know," Rosco was vague. "It was good in the beginning with Emily. Kind of this nice surprise, actually. Maybe we just rushed in too fast. She had it in her head that we should get married in Canada. Then when I found her on the night we were suppose to leave, she'd overdosed on benadryl. And she's been different ever since."

"You think its my fault?" Bella was sure it was. Why had she only been thinking of herself all this time.

"No," Rosco told her. "Of course not."

"All right, I don't know anymore. I just wish I was there."

"If you were? What could you do? Emily is the only one who can figure this out. That's all I know. She won't talk to me. She ignores me. She goes to these concerts saying she's someone else. She even hooked up with this recording studio hot shot, Derrick. I mean, really, this might be her ticket. You know."

"Are you OK?"

"Oh, yeah." But he didn't sound that convincing to Bella.

"So where are you now?"

"Um, in Gordy's basement. I gotta roommate. Its good. Working at Bakers."

"So where's Gordy?" Had he moved away without telling her.

"He's at the university," Rosco said. "He didn't tell you he went back to school?"

"No." She guessed she hadn't given him a chance to tell her. "Good for him. I didn't even look at the address he sent on the package." She was in a sweat now. She really did have to send Jane something.

"How are you feeling?"

"Not too bad," she told him. "I've had a complication or two. I just have to take it easy."


"Gustation Dibetes."

"That does sound complicated," Rosco said.

"Its not that bad," she shrugged. "I take these blood tests everyday, and two shots of insulin a day."

"You have to take shots?" Rosco sounded in pain.

"I've gotten used to it."

"So what if I want to send you something? Can I mail it to you?" He asked.

She gave him her address automatically.

"Thanks," Rosco said. "I'll definitely send you a care package, OK."

"Sure." Bella smiled. She wasn't sure what he'd done, but Rosco had a way of making her feel better about Emily and everything else.


UmassSlytherin said...

great update, so sweet! :)

hey are you using firefox? I still am. :( these damn internet explorer people, wtf are they getting paid for????

simon n josh said...

I'm glad they had a heart to heart.

autumn said...

that is sooo sweet. i mean, Rosco. i really like him. ^^

Anonymous said...

cool post srry for not posting for awhile

Samu said...


well, with those pics I can imagine their talks better... lol

we even can imagine their faces when u say they smile. that's pretty good, i mean that's awesome!!!

I like the story. lol.


Kira Fashion said...

that´s amazing!!!

a kiss!!

taffy. said...

aww, this is cute.
but complicated.
there's always a catch with you, isn't there, cait?

autumn said...

it's cold in here. it's raining. weee. happy weekend as well. =]

scene queens said...

hmmm...what could this mean?

ellie said...

Aww Rosco is so sweet.