Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bella & Rosco

Rosco messed around in the kitchen while Bella watched Jane.

It just felt strange to Bella to be here on a college campus. Gordy was finally going. Finally. He'd probably be almost through with a degree if everything hadn't been so much Bella. Yes, she knew she was selfish, and she'd really did her best to decide things for him. It hurt that she'd been wrong. And now so far away even when she was here.

"I would have liked to have seen him," Bella told Rosco when he brought her a sandwich. She could barely remember Gordy now, and she hated the idea that she didn't know. She couldn't even remember why she'd been so fascinated with him to begin with.

She smiled, quietly then remembering. He was so beautiful and he didn't even know. She thought she was the only one who had caught a glimpse of it too. Was he still like that? When had Gordy stop being that way?

Bella hugged herself then. Yeah, it was her damn fault. She'd gotten a hold of him and created a monster.

"Gordy?" Rosco shrugged. "He hasn't changed."

"Yeah, you say that because you see him everyday. I just want to know, you know, is he really OK?" She looked back at Jane who was warming up to her a bit, but not a lot. She still was stand offish.

"I think he's just fine." Rosco cleaned up. He wasn't at all like Kal who left everything out and one big mess after another for Bella to clean up.

"I'm really sorry about this whole thing with Kal," Bella felt she had to say something.

"He's just like our Dad," Rosco then said while washing out a sippy cup for Jane. "I don't think Gordy or me are anything like him."

"What are you talking about?" Bella looked at him as if Rosco had gone mental.

"I guess you don't know," Rosco turned and almost smiled. "Gordy found out we're brothers."

"Brothers?" Bella felt a bit freakish now, knowing she was not just carrying Jane's sibling but her cousin, too. "But you haven't told Kal?"

"No, what would he care?"

"He might." Kal and Gordy weren't exactly friends. She ate her sandwich thinking this might get a little more odd than she thought. She hadn't meant for this to happen. This sort of family affair. Why did everything have to connect? In spite of wanting to be there for Jane, Bella wished more than ever she was back with Fish.


Jude said...

Thanks. I'll make every day like I was graduating the very next. ; )

autumn said...

a lot of stuff for Bella to think about. oh my. i hope she thinks more of jane as of this moment.

Annie said...

Wow...I just spent my whole afternoon reading your story and I'm really impressed...I love the characters and the story...I can't believe you actually thought of all of's great!!!

cait said...

Wow..annie I'm impressed that you'd read my slacker soap too. its the characters that have made it fun to write this. I do feel each one has a story or two to uncover. I will admit at the moment..Emily and Rosco have to be my favorites. I'm also partial to Gordy and am in worry some of the time if Serena is the girl for him. Although, I admire the girl I know who has Serena's handicap problem.

My hardest character to have any sympathy for lately is Kal. I even find Derrick endearing...and of course Casper who I haven't near written enough about, but hope well as Fish too who I simply find sweet but possibly a tad not sure what he's about to do.

Ok, sorry to pour so much out. I guess writers do that.

thanks again, annie.

Ivy said...

Hey, maybe Bella is coming around..Jane too..all the best on your writing.

victoria said...

thanks for the suggestion! and i wish i actually went swimming. i only got to see the pool from my car's window. haha. :)

taffy. said...

they are all connected!
it's like freaking six degrees!