Saturday, August 30, 2008

a first

All right, Gordy knew it could happen again. But right now?

It was just a kiss, he kept telling himself. Only a kiss. He thought he might break out into his own version of "Mr. Brightside" the more he thought about it.

This was really getting the best of him as he kept trying to study a book of biology before the class even started. He knew he meant nothing to Bella. He couldn't. Not now. It was just the past catching up to him. To her. It didn't seem possible something like this could happen.

But it wasn't sex. It wasn't anything. It was just stupid. Wrong.

He was pretty sure Bella did it on purpose because she didn't want him to be happy. Yes, she thrived in this kind of system. Get a guy to fall for her and then hit him where it hurts and walk away as if she never gave a damn.

Gordy called the vintage store where Bella used to work.

"Hey, I'm looking for this guy who I really need to work on my guitar, um, any suggestions." Naturally, they gave him the phone number of the guitar repair shop at that mall where the vintage store was located.


He dialed the next number.

"So dude, um, I hear this uh Fish fellow can make an old guitar new again," Gordy started.

"Yeah, that's me."

"You're Fish?"

"The one an only."

"I'm hoping you're the one and only, cause I got this problem that I think you can help me out with," Gordy said.

"Just bring it in," Fish said. "I'll see what I can do for you."

"No, I think this is more like a house call," Gordy tried his hardest to smile. "She's in a bad way without you."

"Who is this?"

"Just guess."

There was a silence for a while.

"Look, I'm pretty sure B's in good hands now, you know that," Fish said.

"No, she's not. She needs you. She won't have anything to do with the dude who got her in this predicament. See she's a little warped. But when wasn't she? Uh, I think you should come. Find out what your missing," Gordy said.

"Look, I can't. I don't do things like this," Fish's voice almost cracked.

"Yeah, tell me about it," Gordy told him. "There's a first time for everyone."


Karine said...

Gordy is so sweet!!!


I really like your writing!


autumn said...

and there's Fish. lol. never thought Gordy would do something about it. so sweet. so nice. but. but. my mind's going ballistic. i don't know whom am i going to like now. lol.

Cate said...

yeah, gordy's so sweet... i'm curious how this will turn out. and i refuse to believe that bella is so cruel as to hit poor gordy where it hurts and then walk away... it would be so great to see them together again..

ellie said...

That was the last thing I ever expected from Gordy.

UmassSlytherin said...

I love Gordy: he is special! :) I love this development! :) well-done, cait!