Sunday, August 31, 2008


It was lunch and there was Casper in the hallway at school. Emily couldn't believe this. She went running.

Snap. He got her in the foot with his cane. Her ankle tingled. She closed her eyes then opened them. Casper couldn't be a figment of his imagination. Could he?

"Are you busy for lunch?"

"I ate back in my room."

"Do you live here now?" She put her hands behind her back.

"Ha, ha..very funny." His smile amazed her. She smiled back.

"But you could sit with me, " Emily had to introduce him to Rosco.

"And listen to you eat?"

"We could just sit."

"Hmm," Casper slightly shivered. "Not like before?"

"No." Emily remained with a round frown. "Did I scare you?"

He just smiled. She took his hand and they walked into the lunchroom. Hopefully, Rosco was still in the lunchroom. But suddenly, her heart started to race and she felt so out of it as if she might pass out. She couldn't expect Casper to save her.

She held her own. Emily could see people were looking at her. She didn't care. She kept looking back at him to make sure he was really there. His fingers were so tender. She wouldn't possibly hurt him, would she?

"Rosco," she made her way down to where he was sitting with some of the kids in band. "Rosco, do you see him?"


"You see him, don't you?" A rush of tears seeped from her eyes. "Casper."

"That's him?"

Emily let out a sigh of relief. "Yes."

"I forgot about him." He went back to his tater-tots then.

"Casper," she could hardly say the words. "This is Rosco." But by then, Rosco didn't even notice she was there.

Casper gave a light wave.

"Maybe you could sit with me at lunch everyday," she said.

"But why, there are all these people you could choose to sit with?"

"I know, but I want to sit with you." She went back to her tray.

"So you can kiss me?"

"I won't." There was that ache in her chest that she remembered Rosco telling her about when he was in love with her. She guessed his ache was gone by now. Maybe. "I don't want to get in trouble." Tears slid down her face quietly even to her neck. She really didn't want any trouble anymore. Not anymore.


Cate said...

what a relief, that casper is real. at times i didn't know myself anymore if he was real or not. and i can understand too why emily doesn't kiss him... i think emily still cares for rosco.

simon n josh said...

I feel happy yet sad for Emily.

ellie said...

Emily and Casper..I like them together.

Aurley said...

Aw poor emily. :(

Thanks for the welcome back. I appreciate it!!

autumn said...

i got the same feeling with simon n josh. but am really hoping she has already changed for the better.