Monday, August 25, 2008

lost thoughts

It had been a long drive to the country. They's had a picnic on the river, even went to a farmer's market and had gone dancing in the evening.

But Serena turned in early at the bed and breakfast. Gordy couldn't figure it out. But he didn't press her on the issue. He guessed it would have to wait. Of course, he wasn't so sure he really wanted to make love in a big fluffy bed that looked like something from a historical society. Actually, he preferred everything to happen in his own bed at home. Maybe he was just set in his ways.

So he got on his laptop to checkout his class assignments and e-mail. He didn't want to be on too long. Serena might wake up and wonder where he'd gone. But Delia (demongirl99) was on the net.

demongirl99 : Having fun.

JDhere86 : Yeah, I think so.

demongirl99 : You're not suppose to think it, you know.

JDhere86 : B came back.

demongirl99: &?

JDhere86 : just bd time'n all around.

demongirl99 : wht does that mean?

JDhere86 : just bumd out.

demongirl99 : why?

JDhere86 : that i'm a failure.

demongirl99 : u are not.

JDhere86 : i am a bastard u kn.

demongirl99 : stop this shit.

JDhere86 : wht if this is all wrng w/ serna?

demongirl99 : whn u start this shit?

JDhere86 : whn i was tryn to tell B her nme. i frgt. almost.

demongirl99 : almost. rmbr tht. almost. B mde you freak.

JDhere86: maybe. its jst i keep thinkn B ws the 1. only 1 i'd evr nd & i cn't gt my hpes up agn.

demongirl99 : stp thnkn. jst do. feels right. got that?

JDhere86:thnks =]

Gordy got off then. He looked back at Serena who was asleep. He just wish he knew what really felt right in his life.


UmassSlytherin said...

omg!! that is wild! lol I love how he is chatting up on the comp while she is sleeping! excellent update! more soon please!!!

Anonymous said...

i love this post and how they were talking:)

Anonymous said...
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Sydney Speel said...

i love how his feelings are coming out a little bit.

pocketz♥full♥of♥posiez said...

thanks for the comment i guess the post was unique [shrugs] thanks anyway

Karine said...

I feel sorry for Gordy..Sometimes he seems so lost...


Ohh..U the best with your involving stories.

I'm writing something new.It's Mona & Henry in Dublin.


victoria said...
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victoria said...

aw poor Gordy. he'll figure it out :)

autumn said...

can't blame serena. but i wish she wouldn't spoil the fun. hmf. lol. now i feel sorry for gordy.

taffy. said...

why is this so complicated!
it was nice seeing what gordy really felt, though.
(as opposed to just thinking i knew)