Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fun, actually

Rachel did like to talk. Rosco had figured out as much in the short time they'd spent thrifting for the afternoon.

It just felt good to be out and about. Laughing. Not thinking too hard. Finding a cap with ear-flaps. Nothing major. And Rachel was really nice.


1. she hated Emily's guts.
2. she hated Andy even more.
3. she had Lucy.

Three things that Rosco had to accept and never to speak of Emily nor Andy. If he could contend with that then everything was wonderful.

"Maybe we can find something cool to wear to homecoming," Rachel suggested. She already found Rosco a fedora that was a must have. "You must wear this to homecoming," Rachel had smirked when she put it on his head. Rosco didn't even want to look.

"If you say so." It was impossible not to grin when he was around her. And she looked stunning in every outfit she tried on, but they both agreed on the light pink strapless dress. It was just so vintage. And he felt like a gangster in the pin stripe suit. He found some nifty black tip shoes too.

It was amazing they got out of the store only paying a whopping thirty-nine bucks.

"How did we get so lucky?" He asked.

She looped her arm in his.

"Maybe it was fate," she said. But the only fatal thing he knew was Emily. Rosco felt a pang in his throat. He didn't want to be sick for Homecoming. He was actually looking forward to it.


Glass Mannequin said...

Interesting. Definitely.

Cate said...

about last chapter: wow, i had completely forgotten about delia!
the light pink strapless dress sounds awesome! Rachel seems fun. And Rosco needs some person to talk to about Emily. But that needn't be Rachel.
And yeah, those in my post are my skinny jeans! and thanks for the comment about my sweater too ;-)

Anonymous said...

Aw! I wish I could actually see the dress, but just by imagining it I get the feeling it's beautiful.

I gave you an award :)

Rock on

Sydney Speel said...

i'm with raspberry.

rachel! i loooooooove her.

simon n josh said...

Looks like love. Rosco needs that.

gossip guy said...

It could be something wonderful.

Kira Fashion said...

really good :)

a kiss!!

autumn said...

so it must be rachel? i don't want to rain on somebody's parade. wah. lol.

UmassSlytherin said...

Poor Rosco! I know exactly how he feels: any relationship in which you have to censor yourself is very tricky. I hope it works out, I really love Rosco.

Cate said...

Oh ya. I hope Rachel doesn't turn out to be some sort of tyrant.

Dapper Kid said...

The dress sounds absolutely divine! Wonderful instalment :)

Diana Coronado said...

As a designer my imagination is very creative and i'm trying to imagine the dress and i think is beautiful

Karine said...

Rosco is sooo cute!
And Rachel seems nice.Well...Emily is dangerous,fierce,strong.Rachel seems more easy to deal with.Right?


As good as always!