Friday, September 12, 2008

if only

Kal woke up in a sweat.

He remembered.


He had a lot on his mind. Bella. The baby. No job. The thought he'd never leave his mother's house, again. What would he do? He wanted to tear his hair out. And then he remembered Carrie. Why hadn't she said anything when she was here?

Of course, he was none too settled on this whole thing about Emily and her supposedly split personality, Crystal. He wasn't going to touch that one. He would lay low and if she came to him telling him she was pregnant or something then he would deal with it. End of story.

So much he wished he could tie up the loose ends, nicely. It didn't help to have no money. That was one of the main reasons why he came back. What was he going to do?

Rosco said he could probably find him something at the grocery store, but he hated the idea of working there. There had to be something better? Hadn't there?

He decided to get dressed and take a walk. Maybe some fresh air would help, but that was like asking Bella to give him a second chance. That wasn't going to happen. Even if she had, he was sure he would have ruined it. Why did he have to be this way?

A part of him had no idea what it was to even be in love. There was always a girl. Just had to be. He needed that. He enjoyed an audience. Usually, the more the merrier. It could have been a beautiful life if only his career had actually taken off, but it hadn't. Chances were, it wasn't. He was after all, a nobody.

But he found a flyer down at the coffee shop. It was about the local recording studio, up and coming. Perhaps even in competition with Saddle Creek Records. They were actually looking for some fresh faces, but you had to know your stuff when it came to the business of recording and music. Maybe he had learned a thing or two from all the musicians he'd hung out with while in Austin. Maybe he remembered. He wasn't high all the time.

He ordered a coffee and read some more of the information.

"So you're a musician," the waitress said. Her name tag read, "Whitney". She looked barely out of high school, but there was something amazing about her, and she had at least been kind enough to acknowledge he was there. That was something unusual.

"Uh yeah, try to be," Kal smiled. "At least that's what makes me happy."

Her smile was open then. "It takes guts to get out there and do what you love."

"Tell me about it," he sighed. "But I'm trying to stay closer to home at the moment." Yet he felt rather home-bound. What was he really supposed to do once the baby was born, babysit?

"Maybe luck will be on your side and you can get on with those fellows. Hear, they are really up and coming. Could be quite fascinating."

He wanted to listen to her more. She was a black girl with a English accent. She was what he found fascinating.

"I'll let you know, all right." He drank his coffee then.

She brought him cherry pie.

"Good," she smiled. "Its on the house. Can't let a musician go hungry."


Cate said...

poor guy, not to know what it's like to be in love. it's such a great feeling, EVEN if the other one doesn't love you back. love is my drug, and music is my blood.

i like whitney. can't wait to hear more about her!

Glass Mannequin said...

Your characters are so deep. I like the fact that you're stories are driven by the character.

My story is all about how the story drives the character. Singular. He's the only one with any kind of individuality and everyone around him is blank. Nothing special. And his whole existence is a mark of his parents failure to blend, to whitewash, but I'll write more about this later.

I love your blog.


autumn said...

wow. an update about Kal. interesting. ^^

Diana Coronado said...

Thats's exciting

simon n josh said...

Nice to hear about Kal, again. Maybe things will get better for him.

another.ellie said...

Kal. what's up with him. about time we see whats going on with him.

UmassSlytherin said...

This is such a sexy chapter!!!! Absolutely love the food imagery and you have a major talent for it! :) awesome!

Cate said...

cool, whitney even LOOKS nice! but well, i understand why you have to "neglect" kal.. you have so many characters, and everyone of them has another story, and somehow they're all linked, and... i just love your story. i always get wapped up in the chapter i'm reading...

Dapper Kid said...

Oh snap it's Kal!

Karine said...

Hum...A special girl..
I'll keep an eye on her!


Thanks for the comment!