Sunday, September 14, 2008

natural disaster

Gordy didn't know what to feel. He at least had managed to get Jane dressed and to Bella's door-step. Except she wasn't home. Just Emily.

"Well, I don't know what to do," Gordy knew he needed to drop Jane off, go back home so he could be with Serena.

"What do you mean?"

"I should have called." His eyes were watery and his face felt a bit puffy. This was hard to manage. "I just thought maybe Bella could take Jane for the day, you know."

"Well, she had a hospital appointment. Mom's with her right now. She had those fake contractions. It was so disgusting," Emily rolled her eyes, "You know what she told me, Gordy? She said it was like having good sex. Can you believe that?"

"Yes, yes, I can believe that," He just nodded hoping this conversation would end soon. Phlem was choking him up. "I don't suppose you'd be up to, you know- I should have called Rosco, maybe even Lloyd." Gordy found himself eating at his upper lip.

"What happened?" Emily let him in through the kitchen.

"Oh, we're getting married."

"What? You look terrible, Gordy?" Emily winced. She took Jane from him then.

"It was the spur of the moment thing, and I think I'm coming down with a sinus infection." He swallowed back the phlem in his sore throat.

"Are you sure you want to do this today?" Emily asked. "You didn't even invite any of us. How can it be a real wedding?"

"It was just something we needed to do. A justice of the peace kind of thing, you know we were going to plan something later when we felt like it. It was just, you know-" He didn't want to go into the details.

"OK, then I better let you go. I'll call Mom, let her know whats up. I'll call Rosco if you want since uh, we'd both feel better if I'm not alone with Jane." Emily sighed. She kept staring at Gordy.

Jane ran to the toys in the livingroom.

"OK," Gordy nodded. Trying to smile as he went toward the door.

"Just one more thing," Emily smiled at him.

"What?" He turned to her, and thats when Emily kissed him.


DeAtH Pr!nCeSs said...

heya ! Thanks for your comment ! Nice post ! :) i love rachel's picture !!

autumn said...

there goes emily again. don't tell me. O_O

autumn said...

yep yep. please don't tell me. i'm willing to wait what's gonna happen next. teehee. ^^

ellie said...

Oh my..what has Gordy got himself into.

Liz said...

Thay was...unexpected. Wow. O.O

Write the next part soon!!! >.<

Yeah, I've been kinda busy. I have the flu and fell a little behind in school, so I'm a bit preoccupied. lol

jules said...

im back! :) i missed a lot of episodes. need to do some readings. :D

hi cait!

Dapper Kid said...

Oh snap, definately unexpected!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Cait, sorry I haven't been here in a while but I'm having a hard time with my internet connection. I'm updated now ^^

I must say I'M AMAZED.
And this post... I wish I could go into more details about how I feel, but the only words I can remember are OMG.
I felt bad for Emily when Gordy told her he was getting married, coz I remembered she had a thing for him... It must have hurt so bad. And then in the end, when she kisses him, it's like... wow. I don't know whether if I should say 'Go Emily!' or 'Oh no, there she goes again'.
Please hurry up with the next chapter? :)

You're such a good story teller and writer. I love the way you describe the conversations.

Rock on

Ivy said...

This is like the end of the beginning of something. I just know it.

UmassSlytherin said...

oh gordy!!! :) I love him. Always getting himself into something! :) great update! and Emily is such a character, she just really gets under your skin doesn't she! (or mine I should say!) What colorful, likable characters you have created here! I love this story more every time I read it!