Tuesday, September 16, 2008

in the dark

How long had it been raining? Emily's nose was stuffy. She felt a headache coming on. Her mother and Bella were still at the hospital and it was dark now. Jane was finally asleep.

Emily looked down at the rumpled sheets of her bed. Gordy had been here. Tears melted around her lashes now. Her lips were so chapped. They'd kissed so much, and she hated the fact now that she'd let Jane play alone so long while they were in her room, but it had happened and it hadn't been something that started exciting, yet painful. All this sadness coming undone. Was it suppose to be like that?

Things like this could cause sore throats, she thought now when she thought of how close they'd been. How they kept kissing because he wanted her to stop talking, and she wanted him to stop believing he had to marry Serena.

"Just don't," she kept saying again. "You don't need her. Please tell me you won't do it. You won't, will you?"

But that's where he was going. He was gonna do it. Maybe Emily was only an extra twenty minutes out of the way before the departure, but he was on his way to his wedding.

"I have to. I do. I will. I'm going too," he'd said when he could, but she kept kissing him and touching him and they'd made love right here in her room. It had to be the hottest sex, ever. Derrick, might have thought he was hot, but no this was like volcano hot love, she knew it true, and it was never to be spoken of again. Sadness and hotness a terrible combination.

Serena had lost the baby.


autumn said...

i don't know how to take it. i don't know what to say. i don't know what to react about what's going on around them. lol. i mean, it's exhilarating and confusing on Emily's side. but all in all, love the story. ^^

Cate said...

emily, emily, emily. i wish her all the best in the world. it's so horrible being in love with a married man. and i can imagine it's even worse kissing him, knowing that he'll be on his way to his wedding soon. i dislike serena. how i wish emily and gordy could be together. but emily/crystal would mess it all up again, i'm sure. oh, emily.

i read the chapter before this one too today... and i must say, i would have never, ever, never never ever expected this.

Cady Lola Cep said...

Oh. My. God.

I can't believe this.

It's amazing.

gossip guy said...

Its so sad. I feel bad for Gordy most. OK, Serena of course. Maybe Emily will take something from this.

taffy. said...


god, i hope serena magically dies in a car crash or something.

as i've said on everyone's story, I WILL BE BACK TO CATCH UP.

and i'm mega sorry for not being able to read as of late!

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow and thanx andrew is a good character.

Karine said...

He'll marry Serena?
OMG!They made some pretty good sex in the end,han?
Very well written!



I wrote new stuff!

Diana Coronado said...

Serena !! I'm with you !! =(...

Anonymous said...


Poor Emily! I don't know what to expect from her anymore... but she deserves better. Poor Emily... Poor Gordy...

Gosh, this was so geniously sad...