Saturday, September 6, 2008

something like stage freight

Emily could almost feel herself there in the room with Rosco. Yet so far away, a dark place. A vacuum, perhaps.

What had she done?

Invited Crystal in like a new friend, and now she'd swallowed her whole, perhaps. Something like that.

She was exhausted. It felt so real. Why did she have to put Rosco through this? She wanted to stop being this person that Rosco kept calling a fake, but Crystal just kept smoking as if Rosco could just go to hell.

Emily felt trapped. As if she couldn't possibly come back, but she could hear what Rosco was saying. And it made her sad. This was not her.

But then people started to arrive. Andy. Kal. Derrick and Carrie. It was like an intervention. Perhaps.

"OK, this really isn't as great as you'd hoped for," Rosco let out a belch then from his drink. He didn't even make any excuses. "Guess you know who this is? Maybe. Well, this is Crystal, but some of you might think of her as Emily. And uh, well, if you know whats good for you, stay away from her. She's a bitch, and at the moment she's keeping Emily hostage."

Emily felt a smile emerge. Rosco finally got it.

"If you haven't noticed, Crystal likes everything about herself. Emily doesn't. She thinks if she got a new nose everyone would take her more seriously or she'd get everything she wanted. Something like that, but I doubt it would make her happy," Rosco sighed. Everyone just stared at her as if she was a real nut case.

Emily felt herself crying now. It was as if the ice had broken and Crystal was no longer there. Emily put out the cigarette immediately. She looked at all of them. All she could say was that she was sorry. Sorry for everything. Sorry for what she'd put anyone through.

Nobody said a word.

Emily felt a chill. What was she supposed to do now?


Cate said...

that's so creepy. so real. like in Lord of the Rings, the scenes with Gollum seem so frickin real, and in your story, the chapters with Emily seems so real. you're really a good writer.

autumn said...

i agree with Cate. i can imagine and feel for Emily. i hope Crystal will finally be gone soon. lol.

UmassSlytherin said...

Excellent chapter. cate's comment above is very interesting: it sort of is a bit like Lord of the Rings meets My So-called Life. :)

I love it. well done!

ellie said...

oh wow..Rosco..oh, Rosco. And Emily, I hope she's resolved something about this.

Aurley said...

Confession I see?
And youre right about the Jobros. :)
Keep up the amazing wrtiting.
It never ceases to amaze me. All of everyone's ability to write. (Something I severly need to work on...)

Anonymous said...

"Invited Crystal in like a new friend, and now she'd swallowed her whole, perhaps." - that's such a good way to explain it! I love your writing.

YES, I can finally comment!! Yesterday I read this but my internet wouldn't aloud me to open the comment's pop-up window. I almost smashed my laptop. I hate my internet.

But now it's okay, and I can finally say this: This was one of the deepest chapters. Amazing job, Cait.