Friday, September 5, 2008

somewhere in there

Rosco wasn't really sure how long he'd been asleep. Maybe hours. Instead of minutes. It was dark out now.

"Jesus, you could have woke me up sooner?" He yawned with a stretch. This was going to kill him, somehow. Emily. Crystal. Who would she be now? Really, if he were any stronger, he'd take her to the hospital and be done with it, but then her mother would probably turn right around and say she was just fine. That was the kind of manipulator Emily/ Crystal had become. Just fine. Always fine and then turning around just to screw his mind.

Emily was dressed differently now. She was more like Crystal. Slutty and angry.

"So what's up?" He got out of bed. Reached for a Mountain Dew. Rosco's plan had been for Emily just to go to sleep and he'd guard the door and then Crystal would make an appearance like a ghost. He'd get her hostile and somehow, he'd keep her from getting out the door and there would be a kick ass scene where she might crawl around the ceiling, but he'd still win. He'd win. He had to win.

But it wasn't like that. And it wasn't a game. Evidently, she was way ahead of him here. It was true. There was a Crystal that wasn't Emily.

"I invited a few people over," she lit a cigarette.

"Really? We're having a party?" He wanted to tell her it was a smoke free room. He guessed not.
"Just a few people." She looked bored. Everything seemed to bore her.


"You'll find out."

"God, Crystal, can you quit the suspense?"

"Just some of my lovers, that's all." Crystal shrugged taking a long draw from her cigarette and blowing smoke rings.

"Emily? Emily? Wake up? I know you're there! You're sidekick is going to make out and then some with God knows what! And I know how much you're into that Casper guy, you gotta get us out of this! Now!" He shook Crystal as hard as he could. Of course, ashes of her cigarette flew about.

"You are so silly," Crystal smiled. "What the hell did she ever see in you?"

"I was thinking the same thing," Rosco gave her a hard look. "I'm not exactly great looking, or anything. And I'm kind of a bump on a log for the most part. Guess, she brings the good stuff out of me. Emily, has that ability, but you, you just fuck people up. And you're really scary in all that make up. You're just a fake. Always trying to be something you're not. Can't stick around for the aftermath. You start it up, and walk away." He gave her the best scowl he could muster up without looking like a clown.

"You don't know anything!" She scowled back bitterly. "I rock their world!"

"I kind of doubt it." Rosco winced. "You see, I want somebody I can count on. I want somebody who's going to show me that everyday can be an adventure, without causing a disaster. I want somebody who's extraordinary, but you'd never know it by the naked eye. Definitely, not this artificial crap you've been evidently passing off as the real deal."

"I am the real deal."

"Yeah, I thought you'd say that," Rosco nodded took another sip of Mountain Dew. "Faker!" He stared back into Crystal's eyes, hoping to find Emily somewhere, in there.


autumn said...

oh wow. i love the convo between rosco and crytal. go rosco. say everything against her. lol.

Cate said...

arh, that's the problem with parents sometimes - they say their kids are just fine, when they obviously AREN'T, just because they don't want it to be true (that they aren't). you really have to show the parents, drastically, that their kids are not okay.
lol i laughed at the description of crystal - slutty and angry ^^
it's crazy how rosco has to assimilate to whether emily is crystal or emily. but he's right, about crystal.

oh, about what i think is a must have to wear back to school: i guess it's different for everybody, but at the moment I'm really into the androgynous look... but my taste changes every day too ^^ but what i really like, especially for school, are those old fashioned leather school bags. do you know which ones i mean? a few friends of mine have them, and my maths teacher has them too - hey Cait, you've just inspired me for a new post: about the schoolbags! next week, i will take photos of all the kids at my school that have cool schoolbags, and next weekend the post will be online! thanks ^^

UmassSlytherin said...

You tell her, Rosco!!!!! :) that's my boy! :)

well done! lol@ "slutty and angry."
heheheh! :)