Monday, October 6, 2008

at Casper's

Emily found Casper's house. It was smaller than she expected. But he still had brothers and sister there in their little Victorian style home.

"Well, he won't shut up about you," His older sister Carly told her. "I was beginning to think you were imaginary."

Emily smiled when she heard that.

She noticed Carly's long face a bit like Casper's. Her hair was dark and in a thick braid. She had the brownest eyes. She looked like something from long ago. When people went to one room school houses. Except she was in jeans and a light smock.

"Well, I'm here." She was a little afraid to meet these strangers, but not really. She wanted to know him. She wanted to know how it was at his house. Was it normal?

They all seemed so pleasant and fun. Someone was busy with a painting in the dining room. A younger brother was in the den practicing the violin. There was so much creativity going on everywhere.

"Well, lets just go see what he's doing." She lead the way, leaping up the stairs to his room. She opened the door. He had his back to them listening to something on his ear phones.

"He's practicing French, possibly. He might even go to Paris this summer. Something about being the number one French student in state. I think." Carly told her.

Emily nodded, not knowing just how smart Casper really was. She felt a bit unfit to even be here. Her throat was parched. How would she ever be that good at anything. Her eyes filled up with tears.

"Maybe I should go, he looks really busy." Emily found herself saying. She could back out now. He'd never have to know, would he?

"No, no you can't," Carly pulled Emily back into Casper's room. "He thinks so much of you. You can't. You just can't."

Emily nodded. Carly left them alone then and shut the door behind her.

Emily blew out a breath. What was she doing here? What had she expected?

She sat down on his bed. It was just a little twin bed. Wobbly. But she could see he was content with that. His fingers were moving quickly along a keyboard like a dance of some kind. It was like watching a robot at work. How could she dare ruin some sort of progress being made?

Finally he stopped what he was doing and pulled off the big earphone, got up and came over to her.

"I've been wondering when you'd get here," Casper smiled. "I've been sending you thoughts through my head for days now. I just didn't think you'd listen."

"That was you, huh?" She sighed. "Sorry, I took so long."

He took her hands in his.

"Um, I've been thinking I could use a haircut, don't you think?"

"Maybe," Emily sighed.

"I think we could all use a good haircut here. All of us." He nodded.

"All of you?" She was a bit unsure what he meant.

"Yes, all my brothers and sisters. Even my mother. I would even say my father, but he's off in Chicago at the moment."

"You want me to cut everyone's hair?"

"How will you get better if you don't cut more hair?" Casper was certain. "But you must be a stylist. Yes, style it. I want to look more, edgy, you know."

"Edgy?" was he serious, she wondered as he pulled her up to her feet. "All right, then."

Maybe she would never get better unless she started doing the thing she really loved.


autumn said...

oh, i love this chapter. i hope Casper makes Emily change for the better. sweet. ^^

Cate said...

Great that Emily visits Casper. Great that she meets Carly, a person who isn't prejudiced about her. I like how you describe Carly. I think I'm going to draw a portrait of her (I'll put it on my blog, if it will turn out well).
Casper going to Paris? Like, for an exchange or only for the holidays?
Emily. I know exactly how she feels, when she's standing there in the doorway of Casper's room with Carly.
Casper is a great guy. Giving Emily something to do, something she is good at and can get even better at, is exactly the right way.

molly said...

i love the name casper!
if youre looking for mott the hoople, id suggest trying to get it on you have a record store in your town?
it shouldnt be TOO hard to find

Karine said...

Just another great post.
You know I'm a big fan.


Kisses and thanks,thanks,thanks for the comments!


I wrote a new chapter!

UmassSlytherin said...

Very very well done Cait! I really love this scene: it's so sweet and realistic. I love your descriptions of a simple thing like a bed: you make it into an image that flows right into the overall feeling of the story. And the dialog is superb. I think this story is getting better and better! I really am enjoying Casper and can't wait to read more!

Darling Dears. said...

aw, yay for Casper & Emily! :)

Hedwig fic said...

oh here it is: I tried not to make it too Henry Parker...but...well! as I said to Ivy, it's only one chapter so far, it's supposed to turn into a story where you see what happens to tommy when he gets outed as a fraud and hedwig becomes famous hope you like it! thanks for the encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Oh, great post! I loved it <3