Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the boyfriend

Emily wasn't anywhere in sight, but it was the gym and there was a flood of balloons and scads of people were in the dark dancing at Homecoming.

Rosco thought for sure he could spot her.

He guessed she didn't come which was OK with him. It was OK. But still, he felt sad, not seeing her like he thought he would.

Naturally, Rachel made up for the loss. She kept dancing all the slow dances with him. And she'd slow dance even if the music was fast. Rosco wasn't sure what was happening to himself. It was true, he was without Emily. And it was a blessing, wasn't it?

No, it felt more like a curse. A part of him wondered if he could ever be so trusting to Rachel. Of course, she had her issues too. She'd been burned, so to speak when she was over Andy. They did not speak of him. Although, he usually spent Sunday afternoons with Lucy at his parents house. She had as little to do with him as possible.

She was certain she'd lost all her high school years because of him. He didn't want to listen to it so much because she made it sound as such strife that she couldn't get over.

"But you have Lucy." He kept reminding her. As good as she was being a Mom that she'd learned to be, she didn't really like it all that much. And it caused a bit of friction with her own mother. Neither could wait to get away from each other.

So there was this part to play. Rosco was beginning to think it was the only part he was ever meant to play. And of course, he wanted to be there for Rachel. He loved going places, shopping, even watching TV with Rachel. Yet, he was certain he'd never really be her lover. Not really. And this was good for now. This was where he needed to be.

Possibly, he was learning to be the best boyfriend ever. He just hoped he didn't miss the real thing when it came along.


Cate said...

Glad that Rosco is sad that he didn't see Emily. That means he doesn't hate her, that he still cares in spite of all the mess she's in.
Slow dance even if the music is fast? Hm. I don't know, Rachel seems so... I dunno. She's from another world. Sort of a more "society" world. A more normal world. Not Rosco's world. Not yet sure if that is a positive or a negative thing. If he can't talk about Emily to Rachel, I don't know... He doesn't NOT talk about her because he doesn't want to, he doesn't talk about her because he knows Rachel doesn't want to hear about Emily.

ellie's eric said...

Its good to know that Rosco still has some feelings for Emily. ..and all is not perfect with Rachel. Still wonder if he liked the girl with the Miley Cyrus smile.

autumn said...

i'm really wondering why Rosco is sad when he didn't see Emily. but do you know that I'm happy about it. lol. i mean, i still want Rosco and Emily. but i guess, i have nothing to do with their fate. =]

Anonymous said...

Aw, Rosco cares... I wish him the happiest ending ^^