Wednesday, October 1, 2008

beyond the edge

Bella called Gordy to tell him the news.

"Fish is coming," She sounded sweet just as he remembered. Not like how it was when they general had phone calls.

"Well, good for you." He still felt out of it. Not sure if he was even making sense. Funny, how the flu could do that to you, but he didn't think that was it. Not really.

"You should come over," she told him.

"I can't."

"You have to come when he gets here." Bella was stern about this.

"I don't know. Lots going on right now." He wasn't even sure of the real reason. It had nothing to do with Fish. Not even Emily. It was the fact of seeing Bella, about to burst with a baby. It just stung deep, still the idea of having a baby with Serena. He wanted to know how that would be and it didn't matter how much his mother told him that it was hardly an embryo. It didn't matter. Maybe he'd be sick for a long while. Maybe he'd never get better because he needed to remember this as long as he could. He just wouldn't let it go.

His eyes melted into tears as he talked with Bella.

"It won't be long now, it won't be," Gordy said. "Then you guys can go back to Texas just like you planned."

"I won't go right away," Bella promised.

"Don't wait to long," Gordy wasn't even sure what he was getting at. "Look, I gotta go." He cleared his throat and hung up without saying goodbye.


Ivy said...

I feel so much for Gordy. I love him.

Karine said...

I almost cried too...Poor him.Seems so nice...

Thanks for your comments!
I wrote a new chapter!


autumn said...

i feel sad, sad, sad, and i mean really sad for Gordy. T_T