Tuesday, September 30, 2008

mapping it out

Rosco had seen Gordy have better days. He still looked like shit even if he was on the mend with his head buried in a book.

"You think you'll get back with Serena?" Rosco had taken Jane over to Rachel's for dinner. He'd brought back some of Rachel's spaghetti for Gordy.

"She hasn't called. She won't take my messages. Its just too soon, I guess." Gordy still had a cough. It had been a bad flu. He even spent the night in the hospital.

"You hope."

"Something like that," Gordy looked sleepy, still even if he said he had been in bed most of the day. He was still trying to catch up on assignments. "Maybe its for the best."

"Yeah, maybe."

"Look, I'd like to tell you something, but you gotta remember I was out of it and a lot was on my mind. And I know its no excuse. If you never speak to me again, I'll understand-" Gordy started with a deep breath. Rosco was afraid he might catch whatever it was that Gordy had just by staring at him.

"What is it?" Rosco looked at him as if he already knew.

"I don't know if I have a real answer for you. I wish I did. I wish it hadn't happened. But maybe it was supposed too." Gordy just looked blank now.

"What?" This was driving Rosco crazy. Why wouldn't he say? "Was it that bad?"

"Yeah, kind of." Gordy nodded. "I did something with Emily."

"What did you do?" Rosco squinted with disgust. "You know she's- she hasn't been herself in a long time. You wouldn't have." Rosco shook his head. Not Gordy. Gordy wasn't like that.

"Maybe I didn't feel like myself, either." Gordy closed his eyes tight. "I'm sorry it happened. It just happened. You know."

"Are you sure you screwed around with Emily?"

"I'm pretty sure it was Emily."

"Positive?" Rosco took a deep breath. He knew he had to stay away. Stay out of this.

"Yeah, she wasn't trying to be anybody else, Rosco."

"But you were sick? How could you?" Rosco shook his head, no. His teeth clenched.

"I know. I was so upset. It just didn't seem real." He was quiet then. "I'm sorry."

"All right." Rosco nodded. He could distant himself. He had Rachel. Everything was going to be just fine. He didn't need this family. He didn't need any of them. It didn't really matter anymore what he thought. Everyone would do as they damned pleased like they always did.


ellie said...

Rosco..what can i say. I feel for the dude. I do. But I'm glad Gordy told him.

UmassSlytherin said...

awww. :( poor rosco. :( I want to make out with him and make him feel better. :)

Liz said...

Poor Rosco, he seems to be a bad-luck magnet.(sort of anyways) :[

Thanks, I really enjoy hearing from you, too. I probably won't have new parts for my stories soon, it's been really hectic here. Hopefully I find time to write soon.

Cate said...

Gosh! If I was in Rosco's place and had heard Gordy say "I did something with Emily", I would have thought he killed her!
At least it was Emily Emily. I think that was better than if it had been Crystal Emily.
But Gordy's a really good person to have told Rosco.

Sydney Speel said...

'i did something with emily'

kinda creepy!

either, i buried her alive in the middle of the desert, or we hooked up.

haha i love it!

Diana Coronado said...

What's going to happen next chapter !!

autumn said...

i don't like Rosco thinks about at the last part (family and stuff). poor Gordy. =[