Thursday, October 9, 2008

It could be bright

Emily had forgot all about this thing with her sister. A lot like Homecoming. They'd decided not to go at the very last minute.

"I'd rather go to the city. Maybe a movie. Something to make you laugh." Kasper didn't want a dance. So they ended up going to see Nick and Nora's infinite playlist. Emily was happy that they did. It did make her laugh. He laughed too. It was a good just to be out with him. She forgot who she was for a little while.

Of course, going out with Casper meant having to actually drive. She'd never driven so defensively in her life. She so wanted to be careful. She couldn't let anything harm her boyfriend.

"I so detest labels," Casper wasn't sure if he should consider such a title as boyfriend. "Well, you better start liking it. Cause its true." There ,it was settled and he was along for this joyous occasion for her sister even if his eyes were all a flutter and Bella found him a little unnerving. Still she didn't say anything. Not one word about Casper.

As it was, her sister had Fish and Emily kept her distance from him. She thought it best if he stayed a mystery. She certainly tried to stay out of the way. Anytime, someone needed her for something it was always, "Oh, I have to go to Casper's, sorry." It was all starting to work out. She could feel it.

Maybe everything was as bright as it could be. She'd decided to start classes down at the beauty school in the spring. It was the plan anyway. And nobody had said as of yet that she couldn't.

So it was settled. Here she was, by Casper's side waiting for this wonderful celebration to be over. Of course, it had hardly started. And no Gordy insight. He probably wouldn't come because of her.


UmassSlytherin said...

Very bitter-sweet. :(

Poor Gordy, I love him so much, he is my favorite! But I can relate to all of the characters. I want good things for Emily.

Liz said...

Poor Gordy, you just can't help but feel bad for him.

Cate said...

I want good things for Emily too. I know she likes Casper, but I can understand why she's looking for Gordy.

Dapper Kid said...

Aww I feel sorry for Gordy, I do love him though.

autumn said...

i'm hapy for emily. i'm worried about gordy.