Wednesday, October 8, 2008

some might call it a celebration

Kal was happy that Whitney could come along with him to this so called gathering at Bella's. He guessed it was a baby shower. He hoped he wasn't supposed to bring anything. He was the father after all, but you'd never know. Not with Fish around.

Well, maybe it was a wedding shower. Possibly. That was the buzz. The jest. He took it as that.

He'd never seen Bella so disgustingly happy. It was as if he wasn't even there at all.

Whitney set down the gift at the table where all the gifts were. Kal could see she felt out of place, but he gripped her hand as if she had a right to be here as anyone else, even if she was of color.

He looked around at the old neighborhood women. Some had aged so much. He barely knew who they were. But Bella's Mom was as beautiful and confident as she ever was. At least she was nice to him.

"Oh, please introduce me?" She was at least interested in Whitney. It helped a little. They talked a bit about nothing.

Finally, Kal got the courage up to speak to Bella and Fish who were all cozy on the loveseat. "How you feeling?"

"I've been better." She was negative of course. He could feel it. "Who's that?"

"Whitney." He just said. Nothing more. Finally he said. "I got a job."

"You got a job?" Bella sounded doubtful that it would last long. "What is it?"

"Working down at Derrick's recording studio." He nodded.

"Oh, really." The way she said it, you would have thought she was the queen. Especially, with that snarl of hers. Kal squirmed a bit. Thank God, his mother showed up with a basket of goodies to side track her before she got hostile with him.


UmassSlytherin said...

Wow: she has quite the little attitude, doesn't she? :) Negativity is certainly...easy to detect with Bella! but I love her!
hehehe! Great chapter!

hedwig ch 3 said...

hedwig anyone? :) -ums

Liz said...

You'd think Bella would rip Kal's throat out when no one was around with the way she acts towards him. o.o

Dapper Kid said...

Haha have to agree with liz ^

autumn said...

lol @ liz's comment. but wonder she was acting that way. i mean, bella. o_O