Tuesday, October 28, 2008

names and then some

Emily looked into the huge window. The curtains were open for once. She just wanted a peak at the baby. Hopefully, he wasn't with Bella.

She looked down then at the floor and noticed someones toes. It was Fish. She looked back at him then.

"Well, is he - Troutman or something?" She wondered what awful name they could produce. No one had said. It couldn't be something like Caleb or Emery or Cain.

"It was a hard choice, but uh, she and Kal finally came to an agreement, Gibson."

"Gibson?" Emily hated the name already.

"Well, it could have been Fender," Fish nodded then as he pointed to Gibson.

"Then we could have gone for Fen, perhaps," Emily looked at the tiny infant then all wrapped up with a little blue cap. His little lungs barely yelped now, but by the time Bella got him home they would be fully charged, she suspected.

"I want to move," she said sadly.

"Move?" Fish yawned.

"My Mom will love it. All that baby stuff." Emily fretted with her arms crossed. "You think you might go back to Texas soon?"

"I dunno." Fish shrugged with his hands in his back pocket.

"Don't worry, she'll have your kid, too." Emily smirked giving him a look then. "She's a regular baby machine, now isn't she?"

"This was serious business this time around. I think this is enough." He sort of smiled. "She was lucky she didn't have to have that c-section. Usually, it doesn't work that way with what she had, but the last month she didn't even have to take any shots of insulin. She might not be so lucky next time."

"Why would something like gestation diabetes freak you out?" Emily didn't get it. Her sister was fine. So what if she had low or high blood sugar to worry about.

"I knew someone who went in to a diabetic coma, practically stopped breathing for a bit when she was pregnant, the baby was never the same," he said. Emily was quiet after that. She wanted to go home and get some sleep before her nephew moved in.

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autumn said...

i don't get it. doesn't she like the baby? o_O