Wednesday, October 29, 2008

to begin again

It was finally done. Rosco got up the nerve to do it.

"I don't think it does either of us any good to be doing this," he told Rachel at her house. He'd be the one to leave.

She took it so much better than he thought she would.

"I know, I don't want to keep you from anything. I want you to have some fun this year. You're a senior, after all," Rachel just smiled and gave him a light punch in the arm.

"Well, its not like we haven't had fun-" There was Lucy and it bothered him a little how she might take it. "I'll be around. You know, we could still hang out. Maybe."

"I know." She nodded. "I really like you, Rosco. I think any other time - we probably wouldn't be even thinking it, you know. But I understand. You've got to, you know, get out there. Date. Do things. Fall crazy in love and then do stuff you regret. I just don't want that right now."

"But maybe you will."

"Doubt it." She smirked. "Just go before I start crying or something. OK."

Rosco just nodded. Then patted Lucy on the head who just looked up at him blankly. It seemed so easy, but he could tell when he looked back at Rachel, she'd taken it harder than she said she would.

Of course, he'd have to feel like a bad person when he walked out in to the cold rain that was falling. Leaves were drifting too. Rosco felt like the worst person in the world. He felt so selfish now. But his cell phone was ringing before he could even get to his car. It was Dawn from the grocery store.

"My ride isn't here, can you give me a lift?"


"Maybe we could go do something," she then added.

"I don't guess I'm doing anything," Rosco got in his car then.

"All right," he could hear the smile in her voice. He smiled too. Rosco just couldn't help it.


Lonnie said...

I wonder who this Dawn is...

Well, probably for the best. Maybe.

Cate said...

It's a good sign that Rosco couldn't help but smile. I confess, I'm happy he broke up with Rachel. I wish that I could react like Rachel does while breaking up. I think she reacted pretty well. She didn't make a big dramatic scene, but made him feel she liked him and is sad that he's gone. (Though I like Rosco, no guy deserves a good conscience after breaking up ^^ No girl does either ^^ Unless the other cheated on them.)

Psyconym said...

Well that just shows imagination and thinking out of the box. My Disney Characters used to get up to all sorts when I was eight. I didn't need sex educationI'd already incorporated it into my games, anyway..I'd like to be able to belly dance, currently I keep up with karate, because it makes me feel stronger, makes me look good and gives me better balance and coordination (I am not currently very fit at the mo!). Belly dancing just looks so wild and free. Mum has a book on how the tradition relates to preguancy and being a woman. Fasinating. I haven't been keeping up with your stories, or blogger much, as I've decided now is the time to have another chip at the careers block.


autumn said...

Dawn? doesn't ring a bell. lol. i don't like Rachel for Rosco. but i feel bad now for Rachel and Lucy somehow. sigh. i hope they both find happiness.