Monday, November 17, 2008

the kinks

Rachel found Rosco at the grocery store. Told him what was up with Thanksgiving, hoping he didn't think she was trying to hook up with him or missing him much.

"I was just talking to Gordy about it," she said thinking why did she say that.


"He was with Jane at the park," She wanted this to be like something in passing, a half thought perhaps. "You think anyone would be interested?"

"I guess, but at Gordy's?" Rosco wasn't sold on that. "We could have it at my Mom's. More room. We have a giant old dining table we never use."

"Oh." She remembered. It was a bit cold and dark, but maybe if the lights were on and everything, it wouldn't be so bad. "Well, you'd bring someone, wouldn't you?"

"Are you?" Her stomach churned. It was as if she was swept up with sadness and as if she'd never stopped breast feeding. God, she hoped she wasn't leaking for some bizarre reason.

"No." She squinted afraid she might spew tears. "Bringing Lucy is enough for me. Well, Gordy says I should invite Andy, but I'm not. I guess because I mentioned Bella, you know."

"Well, I won't bring anyone." He needed to get back to work.

"Maybe we should just have a dinner party some other time, you know, and you could bring somebody then. I always wanted to have dinners, but well, they pretty much flop. Why am I talking about this?" She was hugging Lucy as if she needed support from her.

"You just need to have more of them," he told her. "You know, work out the kinks." Rosco smiled.

"Yeah, work out the kinks," Rachel sighed. Why did everything have to be so painful?


Cate said...

Poor Rachel... I just can't decide whether a dinner party with all the crew would be good or bad for her.

Thanks for your comment. I'm a bit insecure when I wear that lip colour, so great hearing from you that you like it.
And what you said about the babies... Poor things. They just don't do anything, just by being there they turn their parents evil sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Aw, that last sentence... ouch.

A dinner party sounds... well, it would be good for if everything goes right.
I'm crossing my fingers for Rachel!

autumn said...

sigh. this is very sad for Rachel. i feel like crying for her. sob sob.