Sunday, November 16, 2008

dinner with Whitney

Kal was kind of shocked when Whitney told him she'd seen Bella and the baby.

"I could have gone with you," he told her.

"It was just a spur of the moment thing," she smiled as if she'd rather he eat the steak and Penni that she'd brought him. They were after all in his mother's kitchen.

He was a little mad about this since Bella never told him anything. All she wanted from him was money. Evidently, there wasn't enough these days. He'd taken to stocking canned items at the grocery store where Rosco worked a few grave yard shifts a week on top of the job at the record company. He hardly saw anyone, anymore. But then he bit down into that Italian steak with the pasta. It was instant gratification.

"Did you make this?"

Whitney just nodded.

"OK, you can have anything you want, just not sure how I can give it to you, but this is the best." He was impressed. Kal had to take another bite.

"I told Bella we could maybe take Gibson some time," she started. "When he's older, and she seemed OK, with it."

"All she wants is the cash. Stuff like this makes you consider what you get into with people. You know, I doubt Gordy gets a dime for her. Don't you think that's wrong?" He looked at Whitney hoping she agreed with him. Kal definitely didn't want to end up screwed in another relationship.

"Yes, I suppose." Whitney sighed. "Maybe someday she can give back what she couldn't before. Maybe she'll even be nicer to you."

"Not gonna happen." Kal shook his head. He didn't want talk about Bella. "Lets not talk about her, anymore."

Whitney ate then. Kal looked at her from across the table. He was sure it would take forever for him ever be with Whitney as he wanted. Especially, when he had Bella sucking him dry when it came to money. But it was moments like these that he'd have to savor and linger in. He reached out and took Whitney's hand.


autumn said...

Bella likes money. no wonder why she and her mother keep insisting Fish to have a job. pffft. lol.

Cate said...

Like Whitney, I do a lot of spur on the moment things. The Italian steak with pasta sounds great....
Kal and Whitney are great people. And Bella... Only sucking money out of Kal.. ot nice

Sydney Speel said...

sorry! i've been gone a while!

but i like this one...