Sunday, November 30, 2008

new traditions

Everyone had left, and at the last minute Gordy said they should checkout the Tree of lights down town. So it felt like more Thanksgiving to Rachel who had never been.

"Actually, I never have either. Never figured myself to ever be one of those parents who'd fight traffic just to get down to the park by the river to see some stupid lights on," he said, yet they were both impressed with the light show, and it was even more exciting to watch the girls faces. They danced to the jazz music and they had hot chocolate afterwards even if they were all bundled up in the cold.

"I guess we'll have to make it a tradition now," Gordy told Rachel on the way home. She just nodded with a smile, hoping he was right, of course, wondering what other traditions they might have.

"Look, I'm really sorry about messing up Thanksgiving." She didn't know what else to say. She was sure he found her to be a freaking lost cause, leaving him with everything to do. He'd cooked dinner, put up with the girls. She'd slept through most of it.

"You didn't mess it up." Gordy promised.

"But I did." She felt miserable about it because she'd really made an ass of herself, which she was pretty sure he saw. "I'm sorry."

He just smiled. "So do you remember anything?"

"Sort of." It felt stupid to even talk about. She'd just have to let it go at that, and hope they could somehow remain friends at least for the girl's sakes, who liked each other at the moment, and when that was done, well, she supposed they would be too.

So when they got home she really wasn't expecting anything. The girls were asleep in the car. The next thing Rachel knew Gordy was packing Jane into the house, putting her in Lucy's room.

"I just thought we might try again tonight, just not with all the alcohol." Gordy gave her a sly smile.


"Or just sleep."

"Are we just so-" She was about to say pathetic, but when he kissed her, she knew it wasn't that way at all.


Anonymous said...

Aww, Gordy is a Romeo! :) He's too sweet, he deserves the best.
That header is fab, Cait! I think it's my favorite so far ^^
Btw, could I ask you what dk;dc stands for? (or do I sound stupid? =P)

Oh, and I know it has been a looong time, but I wanted to thank you for that comment you left me, about Trace and all ^^ It was so fun! I always love your comments. Sorry it took so long, but school has taken over my life =\

ellie said...

gordy. gordy. gordy..who knew...this all made me smile. nice way to end the month. huh?

simon n josh said...

I like gordy & rachel together.

anthony luvs johanna said...

This was cute. Keep going!

Kira Fashion said...

Thanksgiving is always so great :)

a kiss!!

victoria said...

oh man i've missed so much i'll have to catch up :)

Arreles said...

Thanks^^ Sorry it took so long I've been busy with school and we've been running around a lot. xP I've got a lot of reading to do. I'm also trying to start a new story, but I'm not sure about it yet.