Saturday, November 29, 2008

hanging out

Rosco hung out with Charlotte after everyone left for the movie. Andy was there to stay with Lucy a bit. He read her a couple of stories and then he laid down on the couch, and Lucy laid on his chest and took a nap too.

Rosco held Gibson because he promised Bella he would. She didn't want Charlotte to touch him. She didn't know her.

"Sorry about that," Rosco told her. "Looks like he's gonna be a Momma's boy." He looked at Jane. "She wasn't like that with Jane. It got where Bella wouldn't even feed her, according to Gordy. Something about Jane wasn't into breastfeeding, or something."

Charlotte gasped in almost giggle.

"I guess you didn't want to hear that." Rosco yawned.

"Maybe you need nap." She just said.


"You work at the grocery store, don't you?" She looked at him without a smile then.

Rosco nodded.

"I have seen you with your price gun attacking boxes of cereal." She said so seriously that she cracked into a laugh.

Soon Jane was snoozing and Rosco put Gibson in his carseat stroller. He was asleep, too. Charlotte went to digging through games by the TV. There was an old Nintendo.

"You think it works?" She looked at Rosco.

"What does she have?"

"Mario," she said.

"Just Mario?"


Rosco shrugged.

"Legend of Zelda." Next offer.

"I loved that game." He told her.

"I always liked having my very own pony," Charlotte smiled.

"Well, lets find that pony." So they sat down by the coffee table, knee to knee and started their quest.


Cate said...

Ah, there's a new possibility! Rosco and Charlotte!
LOL, old Nintendo games... Bring up old memories from elementary school..

ellie said...

I love that game too. I liked the fact that Andy spent time with Lucy, even if it was a nap.

Thanksgiving makes me sleepy.

Anonymous said...

Alex Evans.....hmmm yeah I see him everywhere.

Livie23 said...

ahh. bonding over videogames. =] that basically sums up the conclusion of my first date. XD I remember it, we played pokemon diamond and pearl on his playstation 2. lol. Zelda's good, but i've only played it on gameboy. X ]

Karine said...

I loved the new layout!
Amazing photos!

Rosco is ... (OMG!)


Well,I wrote the last part of the story and your opinion would mean a lot to me,so..


A kiss