Tuesday, November 4, 2008

with feeling

Casper felt like a nut now. Of course, he'd felt a bit drunk just being around Emily from the moment they met. Anything was possible. That's what he loved about her. There was a time he wasn't even sure he was with Emily. Someone similar to her, but not exactly her. Yet, lately, she'd really been the Emily he'd first met. Only better, he sensed. She wasn't really running away, after all. Maybe he couldn't see it plain as day, but maybe she'd finally figured out that he was there for her.

"Look, I could give you what cash I have." He knew Rosco was still there looking at the mess they'd made. Casper started to take the sheets off the bed. It was the least he could do.

"You don't have to do that," Rosco told him.

"No, its the least I could do and I know it was wrong. I thought she'd asked."

"She lied to you, man," Rosco told him taking the sheets and pillow cases from him.

"This is true, maybe I wanted her too." Casper grinned. "You just think I'm wrong for her, don't you?"

"No, she's the basket case, not you," Rosco said. "I can't trust her, and neither should you."

"She has not made the best decisions in the past, but I feel that changing." Casper nodded keeping his eyes closed, yet they fluttered.

"Good, for you," Rosco said leaving with with the sheets.

"No, its good for you. I know she's doing it for you." Casper said grabbing Rosco's arm then. "When she wants to tell you something, you must listen now."


"She knows exactly why she is the way she is, she just won't tell me, but she'll tell you. You have to be ready to listen." Casper was serious, talking perhaps to the wall, yet not.

"My days are over with Emily, I want nothing to do with her," Rosco pulled away.

"But she's your friend, and you have to be her friend, still."

"All right, just let go of me," Rosco was in a huff. Casper reached in his pocket then and pulled out a couple of twenties and put them in the pocket on Rosco's shirt.

"Go take that girl you brought here out to dinner."

"I can't take your money." Rosco pulled it out of his pocket.

"No, I insist, she likes Italian food." Casper informed him.

"All right, " Rosco walked on then to do the laundry. Casper just smiled.


jules said...

loving everything that you write. just wonderful. :) mwah!

autumn said...

OMG. this is the best conversation i read so far in this story. lol. Casper has finally talked. woot. cool. Rosco needs to chill somehow. hehehe.

another.ellie said...

Gotta love Casper.