Wednesday, November 5, 2008

times like these

Whitney stood there with the coffee pot in her hand waiting to see if Rachel wanted more coffee. She was fussing with Lucy, naturally.

"I just feel bad for him, now." Rachel wouldn't let up about Gordy. Whitney, nodded as if she knew what was going on when in fact she didn't. She had no idea who Rachel was going on about. They'd only met the one time at this strange wedding of Kal's ex. Now suddenly, Rachel was her new best friend.

"Perhaps, you can see to him, you know." Whitney shrugged realising the coffee was getting cold and she needed to be back at her station. "How about some snicker doodles for the road." It was the least she could do. They were a day old and no one wanted them.

"Oh, I couldn't."

"Take them to Gordy."


"Yeah." Whitney knew Rachel was crazy about this dude. If she could be a bit of cupid for love's sake and the idea of her not being here, talking non-stop. Then her work was done. So she got the cookies in a bag for her.

Of course, it took Rachel another ten minutes to leave, but finally she managed Lucy and the cookies.

"Good to see you," Whitney waved good-bye. She wanted to say she meant it, but she wasn't really all that sure. She turned back to the kitchen then and saw Serena get a pie out of the oven.

It just hit Whitney then. This Gordy, Rachel was going on about was quite possibly Serena's Gordy.

"Looks, delightful." Whitney smiled. Serena was so quiet lately, she hardly knew she was even here. She liked working in the back. She didn't want to see customers anymore.

"Well, I have three more in the oven. You don't think that's too many, do you?" Serena seemed focused.

"No, people ask for that pie all the time, even whole pies." Whitney told her.

"I thought so."

"So, what have you been up too?" Whitney hadn't really talked with her in ages, but really, Serena hadn't wanted company, either. Whitney wasn't so sure she wanted any now, either.

"I've got a full load of classes now." Serena was all matter of fact.

"Good." Whitney smiled.

"And I see you've got a new fellow," Serena smiled then.

"Oh, yeah, Kal, um, he's really trying his best not to be a sad sod at the moment. He's stressing, you know, his ex had her baby. Well, his baby and he doesn't know if he should come around or not."

Serena said nothing to that but got out more pie crust and started working with the crust with one hand.

Whitney, wasn't sure what she'd said to shut her down so soon. About that time, Whitney heard the diner door jangle. There was a customer. She hoped she got a tip this time.


Dapper Kid said...

Oooo snap that moment of realisation!

Cate said...

Funny how quickly things like these happen. I'd have never thought about a connection between Rachel and Whitney.
I want some pie now.

autumn said...

so, there's serena.

i still feel bad for rachel.

another.ellie said...

Whitney is sweet.

Anonymous said...

ouch! stuck in the moment!