Monday, December 8, 2008

cold hard fact

Rachel didn't know if she had time to listen to anymore talk with her mother. Yes, her mother found them out. Her and Gordy. It was as if they'd slept in her mother's bedroom(but they didn't), but still, it was the fact that she had someone over.

"You and Andrew aren't even divorced, as of yet." Her mother reminded her.

"Its just as well, a done deal. Its no big deal," Rachel wished she wouldn't make it sound so God awful. Leave it to her mother to want her to wear a scarlet letter around for the rest of the month about it.

"I guess you know what happened to that friend of yours who was pregnant the same time you were?"

"I don't have a friend who was pregnant when I was," Rachel just wanted her to shut up. She needed to get online and work on a class project.

"Dana, remember?"

"So." Rachel was in a huff. Leave it to her Mom to make her feel all of a middle schooler in just a couple of sentences.

"They took her baby away from her," her mom said. "The state took it because she left her home alone. And her parents found out and called it in."

Was this a threat? Rachel fretted then. "I did not leave Lucy alone. I had a friend over, all right." She knew Gordy had Jane.

"And just how friendly is he?"

"God, Mom, you don't even go to your sister's for Thanksgiving, you-" She knew she'd better shut up because her mother deserved some rest and relaxation. "Look, I'm not Dana, I'm responsible. I'm not going to leave Lucy, home alone. All right." Maybe she could have at one time, but she wouldn't now. Rachel couldn't wait to get out of her mother's hair. Maybe one day they might be friends then if they stopped annoying each other.


Cate said...

Gosh, her mother is awful! Rachel is not a kid anymore! All the mums here seem to be nagging around. ^^

Laleh n Lauren said...

Hopefully Rachel won't let her Mom get to her.