Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the drive

Going outside, shovelling snow in the driveway, driveway
Taking our shoes, riding a sled down the hillside, hillside
Can you say what you want?
Can you say what you want to be?
Can you say what you want?
Can you say what you want?

Our father yells, throwing the gifts in the wood stove, wood stove
My sister runs away, taking her books to the schoolyard, schoolyard
In time the snow will rise
In time the snow will rise
In time the Lord will rise
In time the Lord will rise

Silent night, holy night
Silent night, nothing feels right- Sujfan Stevens

Rachel felt naked without a child to tend to. A thousand things were going through her head, thinking about this goose chase they were on with Emily.

1. what if the roads were bad?
2. what if we get in an accident?
3. what if we make it there and we can't find her?
4. what if we do find her and she's just a mess?
5. what if we find her and get in a wreck going home?

Yeah, she was scared, but she didn't dare say it to Gordy. His mind was made up. They were doing this. Find Emily. Casper would talk some sense in her, at least and they'd go home. Simple plan. Wasn't it?

She sat in front with Gordy and looked back at Casper who she supposed was dosing off on the ride. Maybe. She wasn't so sure. She'd buckled him up as if he were a child, and he needed tending too. How did Emily do it? Spending her time with a guy who's eyes were all a flutter, who looked half goofy most of the time. Yet there was something that jerked at her heart when she saw him. So tender and yet had somehow weathered it best than the rest, some how. There was a strength within him that she was sure she could somehow not tap into.

"She's glad we're doing this," Rachel nodded. "I know she is. I know she needs you, Casper." Rachel smiled as if she knew. Exactly. But she didn't. She had no idea. "I think things will be better. You know." She just couldn't shut up, but she wouldn't. "She's got so much ahead of her and you're the best thing for her. You know that, don't you?"

He didn't answer. He was asleep. She guessed he hadn't had a heard a word she said.

Rachel frowned then. Biting her top lip as she watched him. What if he died of a broken heart? What if he wasn't breathing? He was so still. Rachel felt herself crumble then as she reached in the back seat to shake him.

What if he was cold? What if this was the worst trip ever?


Clandestine Heart said...

I still have pity for Casper. Why did Emily have to abandon him? I think Emily causes a lot of problems for the others.

Cate said...

Rachel.. I think it's good she's coming too. Wonder whether they'll find Emily. Or if she has already bonded with Archie. Lol.
Happy New Year, Cait!

Anonymous said...

I think Rachel is my fave character

Ivy said...

Love that, hope Casper is ok.

tc fan fic said...

Sounds so ominious..about Casper...

Happy New Year!

Clandestine Heart said...

Thanks for the note, honey!
Well, I might have to stop writing for the rest of 2009 'cause I've got this REALL BIG, REALLY IMPORTANT exam coming up. I'll continue when the whole ordeal is over.
I might not have time to catch up on the story, as well, so I'll catch up after the exam.
Keep writing and happy new year! =)