Thursday, January 1, 2009

above the silence

Gordy found the motel that Emily had mentioned. He could hear sirens from a block away. It wasn't very comforting. Neither was having to stop in the middle of nowhere just so Rachel could shake Casper from his nap.

"Well, I'm sorry, " she'd said. "I just couldn't help it." She was still apologizing about it. He told her it wasn't a big deal. It was OK. He wasn't mad.

"Yes, you are." She snapped, hugging herself as if she'd never ever be caught in some sort mess like this again, ever.

So they'd driven in silence most of the way since. Rachel wasn't exactly helping him here with directions in Omaha.

"Call her," Gordy said.

"Me?" She acted as if she didn't want to be a part of this.

"Just do it. Please." Gordy was ready to yell, but he didn't. He was doing his best to keep his cool.

Rachel rang Emily's cell.

"Hey," she then said. Finally. At first Gordy was sure she was going to just get her voice messaging, perhaps. "We're here. Are you in your motel room? You're not? What's going on?"

Gordy waited, staring at Rachel.

"What happened?" Gordy wanted to know when Rachel got off the phone.

"She's with a guy," Rachel said a bit sarcastic.

Gordy cleared his throat to remind her that Casper was in the backseat.

"Uh, well, she's just talking with him. She sounded OK. I think." Rachel nodded. "We just need to pick her up. She gave me the address. Its not that far." Rachel looked back a Casper and yelled. "We're going to pick up Emily, Casper!"

"He's not deaf," Gordy whispered.

"Sorry." She whispered back.


Psyconym said...

Happy New Year to you too!


Cate said...

Rachel is a bit tactless towards Casper. I bet she thinks 'Oh, of COURSE. She's with a GUY.' now.

Happy New Year! [I have the feeling I already said that.]

Anonymous said...

awww gordy.(love the gentlemanly act! buh he just had to blow up n say "casper wasnt deaf!.lol)

cats in curses said...

Gordy & Rachel..oh, think they have fun arguing.

Happy New Year!

ivy fan fic said...

Gotta love the rachel..somehow.

Happy New Year!