Saturday, December 20, 2008


Well, that was over and done with. Rosco guessed. He'd helped Gordy load up the girls. Figured it was best to be quiet. Not say a word about it now. So Gordy was with Rachel. He kept telling himself he was OK with it. He would be. He'd just have to be.

It was just he didn't want to be alone. Hated the idea of it. Everyone seemed to have someone but him. Maybe his mother hadn't moved in with her old flame she was reconnecting with, but she was on the Internet with him all the time and phone calls too. He hadn't asked her much, but she seemed rather happy, like she couldn't wait for Christmas now.

Then there was Charlotte. No way, did she seem the type who could be fantastically happy with anyone. It was as if that time hadn't arrived yet. She had so many things going. Practically, a nanny of sorts in the neighborhood. She did her volunteering. She was full of good things and yet this wall of angst surrounded her, and Rosco was pretty sure she wouldn't let that wall down for anyone.

"I'm sorry," he told her. "I really shouldn't have called. I hate that I did."

"Its really all right," she was laughing at him again. "You'll get through this. I have faith in you." She kissed him on the cheek then as if she might have other surprises waiting for him. But what? He looked at her as if he was seeing someone else, so up close.

Rosco wished he could figure this out. Did she like him or not? Here they were in his room. She'd looked over his paper, or what he'd started of it which wasn't much. Of course, she hadn't mentioned if he was on track or not. He doubted it. He really wasn't on track of anything, lately.

But this. Well, she'd let him know if it was wrong. So he leaned in, and they kissed. He hadn't expected it. He smiled. She smiled. It was if he didn't think it could happen. Something so sweet yet simple. But what if the next kiss was sour? It was bit a dance then at he felt her lips more on his. And then they Frenched. It started out slow, but then it caught on as they moved to the bed, and it felt like a blanket of warmth with just a bit of courage as he waited to see if this was enough. He was pretty sure it was enough. Smiling now that that could be done. They could be more than just friends. Perhaps they weren't friends at all. Something else. As if they were falling into each other. More and more.

Her skin was so inviting and he could sense an excitement in her as well as himself. It just went on until nothing was left to slip out of. It was dark now and her skin was a perfect shade of blue from the streetlight coming through the black sheets of curtains and the florescent of the snow out. Had it been snowing again? And they'd just forgot? Or maybe time had gone on when he thought it was at a stand still while they'd been finding each other into the night.

It occurred to him as they cuddled.... this was exactly where he wanted to be. His arms around her. Yes, he could hibernate with Charlotte for a long while. Let winter come. Rosco was definitely ready now to get through it.

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