Friday, December 19, 2008

its a wash

Emily finally found some alone time in the laundry room. She was washing her clothes. No one else's. She supposed that was selfish, but no one seemed to do hers, and it was piling up.

She loaded up the dark clothes. Wondering where here favorite winter sweater had gone. She picked up a T-shirt then, turned it right side out just to see it was labeled with some obscure band she never listened to, anymore. In fact it was a shirt of Rosco's. She couldn't remember how she even came about it.

There was a sense of him that she still yearned for. She didn't know why. She didn't want to. Maybe it was like an old habit. Tears came to her eyes, thinking of all the guys she'd slept with since Rosco. It gave her a miserable feeling. It was fact that she was pretty sure he hadn't really been with anyone since her. It wasn't that he'd told her, but somehow she just knew. She could feel it like a sickness.

And even so, she knew she was with Casper now. But as it was, she knew she'd have to let him go. Really, it was like this. Spring would be here sooner than she knew and then graduation and he'd be going to France. He might not come back.

She would be alone. She'd have to get used to that. Even now it tugged at her heart that it would have to be that way.

Emily dropped in the soap and turned on the washing machine. She needed to call Rosco. She needed him now. Now was the time.


Cate said...

A shirt of Rosco's. That must bring up so many memories... Because now she isn't really in contact with him anymore...
I liked Emily and Rosco together. Somehow also because Rosco was the 'original', the 'first' guy. I wonder what he'll say when she calls him.

ellie said...

bitter sweet..but I like it.