Monday, December 29, 2008

in motion

Gordy was in a fix.

He could tell how excited Rosco was about the prospects of getting the band together. He even called Floyd. Then there was Bella all upset about Emily.

"Would you just listen to me," Gordy said to Rosco in the kitchen while the party went on in the livingroom. "Don't you think you should be worried about Emily?"

"I dunno." Rosco shook his head. "I don't want her bringing us down. Not right now. Not when Kal can possibly show Derrick he's got talent."

"Remember, its you they want, dude." Gordy gave Rosco a serious stare.

"I just think we need this, all right." Rosco was serious too. "He needs this more than I do, OK. I don't want to see him go off the deep end, you know."

"What do you mean, deep end?" Gordy winced.

"He's been drinking."

"Its just the holidays." Gordy bit back with a simple thought.

"So." Rosco shook his head. "I know how he gets. You know how he gets." Rosco fretted then. "I don't want to think about Emily right now. OK."

"OK, so you have a girlfriend now."

"We're just-" Rosco swallowed back any terms he could think of. "Friends, all right."

"All right, then we should go look for Emily." There. It was said. Gordy heard himself say it. Why had he said it? "She's B's kid sister."

"She's hardly a kid," Rosco squinted. "She can take care of herself."

"I'm afraid she can't." Gordy sighed.

"God, why do you do this to me!" Now Rosco was pissed. He pulled out his cell and called Emily.

"Hey," Gordy heard him say. "What's up?" There was a good long pause. "You want us to come get you?" Another long pause. "Gordy wants to talk to you."

Gordy's eyes lit then, and he felt a bit awkward then as he took the cell.

"Hey, you OK?"

"Yeah, everything is fine." She was cordial enough.

"Where are you?"

"I'm at a Motel 6 near the bus station in Omaha." She told him.

"When are you coming back?"

"Like tomorrow, I guess." She sounded OK to him.

"Your sister's been worried sick about you."

"She would be."

"We could come and get you? It wouldn't be a problem. Honest. Rachel and I could drive up tonight and you wouldn't have to be alone."

"No. No, I couldn't. Besides, you have Jane and Rachel has Lucy." She made it sound as if everyone had someone but her.

"I could bring Casper." Gordy told her then. Hopefully, that would change her mind.


Cady L. Cep said...

Good stuff.

I just thought I'd let you know that I'm deleting my blogs. Thanks for reading all this time and all the comments. I really appreciate them.


Cate said...

I think it was a good thing that Emily didn't get thru to Rosco, now. He wouldn't have been very helpful, probably. I wonder if Emily is really as sane as she momentarily sounds...
Thanks for explaining about dk;dc too! :)

Ivy said...

Gordy..luv him.

dk;dc said...

I am going to miss Cady. I hope she'll be around to comment from time to time or at least lest me know how she's doing. Hope everything is ok.

autumn said...

everyone's worried about emily and so i am. lol.