Sunday, December 28, 2008

on the phone

Emily didn't mean to worry anybody. Especially, Casper. She could tell on the phone he'd had the worst Christmas ever.

"I'm going to try to be back real soon," she told him.

"Where are you now, exactly?" He didn't sound confident that she'd be back soon.

"Kind of lost, but at least I'm in Omaha," she told him. Actually, she was staying the night in a cheap motel. It was kind of scary being alone. She didn't think she'd go to sleep.

"You think you can really find this Scott fellow?"

"I guess." She had to as far as she was concerned. "I want to spend New Year's with you, I do." She then promised.

"Yeah, I just bet you do." His voice was sad and she thought he might hang up any second.

"What was that for?" She was on the bed with her feet up.

"I dunno," Casper then sighed. "I just think you-" There was a long pause then. "Its over, isn't it?"

"What do you mean?" Her stomach was growling. She could here noises outside. It could have been the wind or something else. It was getting so cold. She wished he was here right now keeping her warm and happy.

"Don't say you haven't thought about it," Casper said. "You have. I'm not particular good looking and well, a blind guy can only do so much for you."

"Stop saying that," Emily said. "I miss you. You know I do."

"So you say." His voice was quiet as it came and went. She sensed he'd been sobbing now and she didn't know it. "I'm scared." He finally manged. "I'm scared you won't come back. Something might happen to you. Then what? Was it really worth it? Really?"

Emily didn't know. She just wanted to find out. There were things she needed to find out.

Did I make you cry on Christmas Day?


Clandestine Heart said...

Okay, I think if I read this again, I might melt.

I hope you're having a good week, honey. <3

autumn said...

oh my, got teary eyed reading their convo. T_T

Cate said...

Hi Cait! First: Cool new look... And I really like the new header.
By the way, I've always been meaning to ask you: What's behind the name 'dk;dc'?
I wish Emily luck. I hope she can cope with the past by confronting it. And I wonder what exactly her feelings are about Casper...
And THANKS for asking - my grandma liked her candle! I'm always happy when people like my gifts...
I also laughed about this thing you wrote in your comment - 'I must stop calling him Louie as if I know him personally..not' ^^ Thanks for telling me all about the films, it was interesting to read and I'll definitely check some of them out!!

♥MademLee♥ said...

i think they both have their own style
i don't think it's a really BIG deal :)

Clandestine Heart said...

Thanks for the comment, honey. Well, my dad had been getting on my case about the messy room for ages - note: I did not make the mess! And school's starting in a week, so I figured I should get organized since I have a big exam to pass next year. Sigh. I'm not sure if I can finish my stories in time.
I like the new look for your blog, by the way.
I'm halfway through blue hearts right now. Dayton is - pardon my French - an ass with a pretty face. That's what I think, so far.
Good luck with your cleaning.

Anonymous said...

You write SUCH good dialogue. Wow. It almost made me cry. I wish Casper had a little more self-confidence, but I guess it must be hard for him... Emily, please, don't break his heart!

And what's with the header? It just keeps getting BETTER and better :)

About the comments you left me, I wasn't expecting much from Twilight. I'm not a big fan, so to me it was like... whatever. So I liked it :)
And I'm flattered that you thought of me while drinking a mohito with raspberry rum. I think it must have been REALLY sweet, must try it :)

Happy New Year!

dapper kid said...

Oh no, I'm kinda hoping they work it out together.